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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Microsoft's Rumored 'Wii-mote' No Threat to Nintendo, says Iwata

disolitude said:
BCNR34 said:
Words Of Wisdom said:
disolitude said:

So what happens when microsoft adapts their strengths to the wii mote-like controller?

When you try to connect the xmote your TV screen turns blue.


Sure, its a zing if this were still 1999 and we were using windows millenium edition.

 Um... My Bro just got a blue screen about 2 days ago, and He Has XP : )

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disolitude said:
Yeah, Nintendo thinks companies will copy them and not try to innovate themselves.

 MS doesn't innovate.

If  they were going to innovate, they'd skip right over the whole Wiimote thing and move onto creating a VR headset for the Xbox 720. 

"I mean, c'mon, Viva Pinata, a game with massive marketing, didn't sell worth a damn to the "sophisticated" 360 audience, despite near-universal praise--is that a sign that 360 owners are a bunch of casual ignoramuses that can't get their heads around a 'gardening' sim? Of course not. So let's please stop trying to micro-analyze one game out of hundreds and using it as the poster child for why good, non-1st party, games can't sell on Wii. (Everyone frequenting this site knows this is nonsense, and yet some of you just can't let it go because it's the only scab you have left to pick at after all your other "Wii will phail1!!1" straw men arguments have been put to the torch.)" - exindguy on Boom Blocks