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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Most impressive gaming feat you've seen?

The Fury said:
LegitHyperbole said:

Is he actually Blind and the Blindfold is to show that off or does he have time practing without the Blindfold? 

Medically blind.

What his level of blindness is, don't know but considering he uses sounds in the game to play, the blindfold might be more to keep things out, and concentrate.

And to prove he is at a disability, smart move and very impressive, he's basically using audio ques to gauge where he is. I wonder does this game use 3d audio and what other games could 3d audio be used for gamers with visually disabilities. Could a blind person don a VR headset and get the same gaming experience from a horror game for example. Out of all the genres I never would have thought of a fighting game as a leader in this sort of accessibility. 

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Probably the guy who beat bloodborne with a guitar hero controller.