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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Should I get TotK for a 12 y/o’s bday if he just beat Calamity Ganon or lit him keep playing BotW a while longer?


Buy him Tears of the Kingdom:

Now 25 92.59%
Later 2 7.41%

If he beat BotW already and love it - get ToTK for sure.

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Yes, yes, yes.
He can start Tears of the Kingdom whenever he wants.

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I was trying to make it a surprise, but the mom asked and yep, he wanted it. Already purchased. I agree there’s adv and disadv to getting the sequel so soon. I’m sure he’ll love it so it was the right decision

Cobretti2 said:

Yes before he becomes a EA sports or COD fan and loose all sense of great games.

This. When you took on the role of dating his mom, you signed a social contract to have a strong influence on this youth and help guide him to his future. It is now your responsibility to keep him on the right path. You have the power and the tools to do so.

Drugs. Alchohol. Identity and fitting in. Sex. Peer pressure. Bullying, both in-person and cyber. Kids these days are already dealing with so many different things that they're trying to wrap their heads around. Don't let the horrible Triple A gaming ideology claim another one of our kids before it's too late.

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I will withhold my affection if he plays EA games. Like a good nonparent should. And I’ll treat him like the golden child if he plays retro games!

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Buy him Tears of the Kingdom. He will love it.