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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Are you going to buy the new Xbox?

Yes. The Xbox ecosystem is the most consumer friendly to me and I’m already all digital since almost 10 years (started with the 360 and did not buy plastic box other than collector edition since) and will never ever go back.

I’m also mainly playing on PC and with most Xbox games being Play Anywhere it is a no brainer for me if I want to have a console in every room (with 4 kids).

I do not really care about backward compatibility in general (maybe Nintendo games are the only ones I revisit), so not an issue at all for me. Worth saying that I don’t think Microsoft will ever drop it.

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I don't know. But If It's anything like Series X, the answer is a "no".

Depends. Do I think I will get an amount of enjoyment out of spending my money on the console and its games than I will get out of alternative ways I can spend my money? If so, I will buy it. If not, I will not. I'm not going to avoid it on principle or whatever.

I have never bought an Xbox until getting an Xbox 360 E (used of course) recently.
If it's digital-only with no optional disc attachment, forget it. I understand Xbox already requires a lot of downloads and internet connection even on Series X (and Xbox One) but at least there still is an optical drive.
Closed platforms that are digital-only are very sketchy.

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Unlikely, I only ever owned one Xbox, the Xbox One S, and have used it mainly for 4K blu-ray movies. To me, it doesn't make much sense since I'm on PC most of the time and still get all the same games. As for Gamepass, I'm not interested in yet another subscription, the sheer amount of monthly fees I'm already paying is bordering on ridiculous.

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Since PC is my go to for 3rd party games and PS/Switch offer more of my taste in exclusive games, there's really no real reason for me to buy an Xbox console at all.