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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Bayonetta 3 looks awfull on switch

OneTime said:

It looks ok to me, similar to other Switch games. If you really care about graphics, probably you should go for a high-end PC at this point. I think everyone knows that isn't what Nintendo is about.

Totk looks great,  amazing at times, as does metroid prime remastered. Atleast metroid had good looking textures and lighting effects, ran butter smooth. it actually surprised me what they pulled off. 

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Now I'm convinced this is a troll thread.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

IcaroRibeiro said:


It's a case of a game that doesn't really look good enough, it looks bad. I believe it's the artstyle

Edit: The PS1/2 comparison is bogus

Yeah.  It is an ugly game.  Very ps3 like.  The ps1 comparison is utterly stupid given what RE and MGS actually look like.  The ps2 claims isn't much better.  But ps3 like, yeah.  Bayo 3 is easily the weakest in the series 

I don't know what you are expecting?  I don't think it's great looking game, but I don't think it looks terrible.  It's kind of middle-of-the-road for the Switch.

Does it matter?  You're either enjoying it or not...  

JRPGfan said:
anonymunchy said:

I guess it's been a while since you've seen a PS1 or PS2 game I reckon.

^ this too, i suspect.

Plus when people go google PS2 games for compairsons, what comes up instead is mostly images of PS2 games, running on emulators that have been upscaled, or even are useing fan made texture mods and such. There are communities out there, that translate, mod, re-do textures ect, for these games, that can then vastly improve how such games looked (esp. upscaled in resolution) compaired to the original PS2.

Another thing I see a lot is that most people these days, and younger people who weren't alive especially, judge PS2 games based on how they look on HD screens. If you play PS2 games natively via a real system, on a good CRT SD screen with S-Video, they look a lot better; immensely better. Even upscaled, emulated versions don't look nearly as good as the native games, using their native resolution on a CRT, imo. 

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I wouldn't say awful, but it definitely didn't shine either. A bit over the top to say its visual is similar to PS1/PS2......but I can understand :P

In addition, I think what made it worst for me was the storyline; I found it to be really boring/bland/predictable. I really enjoyed the first 2 Bayo but I was seriously speeding through Bayo3 just to finish it and get it out of the way. By the end of Bayo3 I felt I was content if they never made a new Bayo ever again.

I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread. There is a wide margin between "I don't like the look of this game" and "this game looks like a PS1 game".
You obviously didn't download a "bad patch" so that isn't even concerned trolling - just straight up trolling.

If you re-make this thread then bring screenshots. Both of the Bayonetta game and of PS1 and PS2 games. You are going to have to REALLY prove your point here or the next thread will get locked as well with no second chances.

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