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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Best 3DS game Day 1


Best 3DS game tourney Day 1

Fire Emblem Fates 28 19.18%
Metroid: Samus Returns 48 32.88%
Monster Hunter 4 12 8.22%
New Super Mario Bros 2 16 10.96%
Pokemon Sun/Moon 18 12.33%
Rune Factory 4 3 2.05%
Shantae And the Pirate's Curse 5 3.42%
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivors 2 10 6.85%
Steamworld Heist 2 1.37%
Tomodachi Life 4 2.74%

Fire Emblem Fates gets my vote as it is my most played game on 3DS with over 150 hours.

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Monster Hunter for me.

Tri was my first “big boy” game in a sense and in order to get the money to buy it on the Wii way back when I cleaned my grandmas gutters for her. I became obsessed with it so when 4 came out it honestly felt like a miracle. Insect Glaive is now my weapon of choice and the memories of 4 are so great. It was really filled with wonder for me.

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Samus Returns

Despite having become completely obsolete after Dread, Samus Returns is the best game of this batch.

Fire Emblem Fates ahead of NSMB2 and Shantae. The other games in this poll are all pretenders, meaning I'd refuse to vote if they were the only options.

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Samus Returns was my best experience amongst this list.
But Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate deserves a good applaud for making the franchise as successful as ever on handhelds since the Vita was completely obselete

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Surprised to see Metroid Samus Returns so high. I was glad to see it got a second wind digitally very late in the life of the system.
It deserved to be closer to being a million seller.