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Forums - Sales Discussion - Hogwarts Legacy sales top 15 million

The game also brought in over $1 billion.

This is apparently for the quarter ending 31st of March, and so accounts for about 7 weeks months on the market, and only the PS5/Xbox Series/PC versions.

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I wasn't expecting it to become that popular.

Well, I only played Harry Potter games on PS1 and PS2, and Hogwarts Legacy is still out of reach for me. I'm not really into open world games, but this one looks really cool for fans of the franchise.

Impressive but I wouldn't say super surprising. Selling on 3 platforms, and outside of TotK it's definitely one of the most hyped/biggest games of the year. Major AAA HP game...yeah probably one of the biggest games for the newer consoles so far.

It was the hypest game of it's quarter release so it goes to say the popularity was not something people are surprised about here. Expecting European sales to actually be incredibly strong on this one

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