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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Mario Movie Breaking Records; 5 Day Opening Weekend Set To Beat Frozen 2

Slownenberg said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

Zelda and Metroid are probably the two only Nintendo franchises where a life-action movie could really work.

The next question now is for me: Which game will they turn into a movie? Or will it become it's own entry on the Zelda timeline?

Yeah, Zelda and Metroid have to be live action. Wouldn't make any sort of sense to do them as animated movies. I could see side movies of both those series as Miyazaki style animated movies, but the main big blockbuster version for those series have gotta be live action. It'd would've been a huge misstep for Nintendo to make Zelda an animated movie. Zelda is a whole different beast than Mario. It's good to see Nintendo understands that and they didn't just mistakenly blindly go with an animated Zelda just cuz Mario did great animated.

Agreed that pretty much every other Nintendo IP works better as animated, but Zelda and Metroid are much more geared as being a high fantasy / scifi live action blockbusters. Animated would have been extremely disappointing for Zelda.

I gotta assume this won't be based on a game but rather be a brand new story for Zelda. First off, since its a movie it needs to be much more story focused than the games. And secondly, I think fans would be much more excited for a new story (I know I would be) than just to see a game they have played rehashed as a movie.

For the story I'm thinking something along the lines of Ganon waging war on Hyrule (like an actual war - something I've always wanted to see them do in a Zelda game) with Link and Zelda leading the resistance and going off on their own to take out Ganon. Will be interesting how they integrate the concept of dungeons into the movie. Also will be interesting to see if they go with an origin story or if we are put right in the action with Link already being viewed as a hero.

An entire war would probably be too long for the confines of just one movie; that would probably better a fit for a series. Speaking of which, if they'd make a Zelda series, I'd wish they use either the style of the Castlevania series or the one used in the Palutena Smash trailer. I think the former would be fit better with a darker theme, while the latter would be better with a more lighthearted story.

Mario, now Zelda... When's the return of Captain N?

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Finally got around to seeing this, and holy moly it's awesome!

I didn't have high expectations as I'm not a fan of Illumination's prior works or most modern animated movies, so I was really impressed by how well it did justice to the vibrancy and whimsy of the source material, and just how much genuine heart it had.

Spotting all the little references to classic Nintendo stuff was a fun little game in itself, the animation was gorgeous, the use of music was great, and it really felt crafted with love and care. It definitely deserves it's box office success.

I think the Zelda movie's story will be an original one, yet somewhat of a mashup of elements from all kinds of games. For example, I'd assume there will be some sort backstory lore of ancient battles against long ago and a hero who saved the day, there will be time-travel with the Master Sword which also might embody a spirit itself, there will be a kingdom in decline, there will be guardians/sages from the different races or offspring that need to be 'awakened', there will be islands in the sky, a forest maze, dark dungeons and big fields, the big castle under attack or taken over and a long winding staircase in a dark tower at the end. That sort of thing. The Mario movie contained loads of easter eggs and story references, and this will too.