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Forums - Movies & TV - Lance Reddick, actor of film, tv, and video games, has passed away aged 60

Boy, what a day. First his surprising, and saddening, death. And then finding out that Sam Neill has cancer.

What a shitty day.

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This just plain sucks. He wasn't even that old. -_-

Sad to here, had just finished re-watching the wire a week ago.

Zavala's had it rough lately, but this is going to be tough to swallow. Brutal nightmares about his past. Seeing the Traveler rez his enemy. Now no rez for him? That settles it. The Traveler has been the bad guy the whole time.

He has a pretty unique voice, which is probably going to be difficult to replace. I'm sure nobody assumed they would have to worry much about that due to his relatively youthful age yet, but like they say, only the good die young. RIP Big Blue.

Loved him in Fringe, LOST and everything else I saw and heard him in. A great actor gone way too soon.

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anonymunchy said:

Sad to see him go, but how do you 'pass away suddenly of natural causes'?

Heart failure, stroke etc basically a death not caused by homicide, suicide or accident.

R.I.P he was great in Quantum Break.


He was a great actor. The lacklustre sales of Horizon 2 and the death of this beloved actor, might be the final nail in the coffin for the franchise.

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

Such an unexpected loss.
He was one of my favorite characters in the Horizon games.