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Forums - Gaming Discussion - As a kid or a teenager, did you play games not suitable for your age?

As we all know, games are like movies: They have a age rating based on content. But sometimes, kids dodge that system and play games not exactly suitable for their age. Have you ever did that?

When I were a kid, around 9-10 years old, I had two on my SNES:

- Street Fighter II (Teen) - Not a problem IMO. It's a very mild fighting game.

- Killer Instinct (Teen) - Yeah, this one is way more violent than Street Fighter. Still, not that much of a deal, I guess.

Also, I played:

- Doom (Mature) - Borrowed from a friend. At that time, this friend told me that he almost were arrested for playing it as a underage.

- Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Mature) - I don't like it, but I played a couple of times from family and friends.

- Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Teen) - At my friend's house.

I think that's all... There weren't many "mature" games around at that time.

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All the time.

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Yeah I played several I think. I was still a teen when Resident Evil 0 through 4 came out and I played all of them, mortal kombat, conker's bad fur day, perfect dark, eternal darkness, gta san Andreas... never seemed like a big deal and I guess my parents never paid too much attention to what I was playing or they just didn't care lol

Ratings are just there to be advisory. If you have a level mind you know it's all made up and therefore no mental impact



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I was playing all GTA III games during middle school so yes

Pretty much no limit, video game parented me pretty nicely.

Was harder too back in the 90s but Killer Instinct for sure. Trying to think of PS1 games I had that were violent but not sure I played them, Doom though.

Hmm, pie.

Of course. Same with films. Never took any notice of age ratings.

Yes, of course. Played whatever I wanted.

Only one that was an issue was Resident Evil, was too scary for me to play. I liked watching my dad play it though.