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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Games that personify/define a console to you

Ashadelo said:
SKMBlake said:

NES: Super Mario Bros.
SNES: Super Mario All Stars
N64: Super Mario 64
PS1: the Demo 1 disc
PSP: Prince of Persia: time sands
PS Vita: God of war HD collection
Wii: Super Mario Galaxy 2
PS4: God Of War
Xbox 360: Red Dead Redemption
Switch: Super Mario Odyssey
Steam Deck: Hogwarts Legacy

GameCube: Mario Kart Double Dash!!

GameBoy: Pokémon Blue

GameBoy Color: Warioland 2

Nintendo 3DS: Super Mario 3D Land

Bonus: PC: GTA Vice City

what about GTAV PS5 version?

Nah GTA V is my PS3 game (bought the console to play it)

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Zippy6 said:

There's not really one special title that comes to mind when thinking of the rest. Probably as I didn't play the major hitters like GTA on PS2 etc. I don't associate them with one game.

Yeah the Switch is like this for me.

I played Breath of the Wild on Wii U, so while I enjoyed a great many games on Switch, there is no one game that jumps out as emblematic of the console in my mind.

NES- super mario bros. 3
SNES - super Mario world
Genesis - Sonic the hedgehog
PS - Final Fantasy VII
N64 - Zelda:OoT
Saturn- ???
Dreamcast - Shenmue
PS2- GTA:San Andreas.
Game Cube- smash:melee
Xbox: Halo
Xbox 360: Halo 3
PS3: Uncharted 2
Wii: Wii sports
WiiU: Zelda:BoTW
PS4: GoW (2018)
Xbox one: Forza Horizon3
Switch: Zelda:BoTW

Every single Nintendo handheld not named Switch: Pokemon (insert version name here)

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NES: Super Mario Bros.

Super NES: Donkey Kong Country

Nintendo 64: Banjo-Kazooie

Nintendo GameCube: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Wii: Wii Sports

Wii U: Splatoon

Nintendo Switch: The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild

If I had to do them, I guess I'd go with Killzone Shadowfall for PS4 and Ryse Son of Rome for the Xbox One, probably as they were the first big "next gen" exclusives on them. Or maybe Horizon Zero Dawn for PS4 and Halo 5 for Xbone.

Nothing on PS5 or Xbox Series really stands out yet.

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CDI: Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

NES- The Legend of Zelda

There’s lots of games on the system but this one had the most impact over all.

N64- Mario 64

Dreamcast- Soul Caliber

Xbox- Halo

For me, all the other systems didn’t have one game that became as synonymous with their system as these did. There were usually multiple games that did that. Also these were my primary systems.

Chicho said:

CDI: Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

GameCube: Legend of Zelda Windwaker
Wii: Super Mario Galaxy
PS3: The last of us
PS4: Horizon Zero Dawn
Wii U/Switch: Breath of the Wild
PS5: God of War Ragnarok so far

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

Halo: CE for the original Xbox is the obvious top seed. Anyone that thinks differently is just plain wrong.