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Hope all is well with Bris, haven't seen him inna minute

Good choice on OP tho

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4Gamer: Regarding the PC version of FFXVI, Mr. Yoshida's comment during the broadcast became a hot topic, so please tell us again.

Mr. Yoshida: First of all, due to a time-limited exclusive contract with SIE, FFXVI cannot be released on other platforms for half a year after the release of the PS5 version. I just think that many of you probably don't know why we enter into these contracts.

4Gamer: From the player's point of view, I think it's probably something like "for the hardware manufacturer to sell their own hardware during the contract period."

Mr. Yoshida: "Of course, I think the hardware manufacturers have such intentions." However, from our point of view, signing such a contract with a hardware manufacturer is very important for receiving technical support. This time, there is a part where we are developing together with a group of SIE engineers who know everything about the basics of hardware, and provide generous support for optimization and other things that are difficult to handle on our own. I am receiving it. Also, by not developing on the premise of multi-platform, man-hours can be put into production and optimization. In addition, we will be able to do promotions together globally, such as "How much would this cost if converted into money?" I would like to receive support for technology and promotions if possible.

Yoshida talks about getting SIE technical support and being able to optimize a single version; as well as getting promotional support.  

Here we go again. lol

Tag. You're it.

Over 16 years after release PS3 just got a firmware update lol.

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Zippy6 said:

Over 16 years after release PS3 just got a firmware update lol.

Sony really doesn't want to let go of people with modded PS3s huh, one patch here and there just to screw them xD

PotentHerbs said:

Destiny 2 has set a new record for CCU on Steam with 300K+ with the release of Lightfall.

I think its safe to say Sony got Bungie for a bargain, counteracting some initial sentiment that they overpaid, and that Destiny 2 still has a lot of mileage left with another expansion, rumored mobile port, and PlayStation Productions transmedia push.

I feel like "bargain" is a bit of a stretch so far. It was a lot of money they spent on Bungie. 

But I think Bungie is off to a great start under SIE. Seems like there's a lot in the works there with Marathon, Matter, and possibly other titles.  

So much growth there, it's insane. If someone would have told me that Sony would have had a studio pushing 1,000 people in it, 15 months ago, I would have said they were insane. But here we are.

I got a PS5 recently and have been getting back into Last of Us Factions. It still holds up pretty well, probably because the outstanding quality of the show has gotten a lot of new players interested and they aren’t as sweaty as people were back when the game was at its peak. Yeah there are still pay to win micro transactions and it sucks to die to someone using them, but it happens way less because of all the new people. The meta has almost shifted back to when the game was at its best, before DLC changed it to a smoke bomb/shiv fest. Went ahead and ordered the PS5 remaster or remake or whatever since it was on sale for $50. Do you still need to beat it on lower difficulties to unlock the hard stuff? I’d love to just jump right into the hardest mode.

I’m going to download LoD and see what all the fuss is about.

Looking good, pi! :)

the-pi-guy said:

Yoshida talks about getting SIE technical support and being able to optimize a single version; as well as getting promotional support.  

I'm sure this is true in many cases. But even in non-exclusives Sony has been providing tech support. I believe Calypso Protocol. If it helps push their system more than it's a good move.