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4Gamer: Regarding the PC version of FFXVI, Mr. Yoshida's comment during the broadcast became a hot topic, so please tell us again.

Mr. Yoshida: First of all, due to a time-limited exclusive contract with SIE, FFXVI cannot be released on other platforms for half a year after the release of the PS5 version. I just think that many of you probably don't know why we enter into these contracts.

4Gamer: From the player's point of view, I think it's probably something like "for the hardware manufacturer to sell their own hardware during the contract period."

Mr. Yoshida: "Of course, I think the hardware manufacturers have such intentions." However, from our point of view, signing such a contract with a hardware manufacturer is very important for receiving technical support. This time, there is a part where we are developing together with a group of SIE engineers who know everything about the basics of hardware, and provide generous support for optimization and other things that are difficult to handle on our own. I am receiving it. Also, by not developing on the premise of multi-platform, man-hours can be put into production and optimization. In addition, we will be able to do promotions together globally, such as "How much would this cost if converted into money?" I would like to receive support for technology and promotions if possible.

Yoshida talks about getting SIE technical support and being able to optimize a single version; as well as getting promotional support.