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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Metroid Prime Remastered out on Switch... today (Digital, physical 22nd of Feb)

Restocks coming!! ^^

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Finally got to play it for myself.

It's still almost hard to believe this is a Nintendo game at times. Like in the opening, where you get the clinical scan descriptions of the dead and wounded pirates listing their injuries/cause of death, including one which can't aim at you properly due to a brain hemorrhage. Adds so much to the ominous atmosphere.

It's also incredible how modern the game still feels considering it is over 20 years old; I struggle to think of many games from that era that hold up so gracefully. The sense of place is as impeccable as it was in 2002, I can almost smell the rain-soaked soil of the Overworld, or feel the dust-laden winds in the Chozo Ruins.

Visually, it's one of the best looking games on the system. The original art style is beautifully preserved, but upgraded to look as great for the Switch as the original did for the Gamecube.

I'm only about an hour in, but so far I'm very impressed.