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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Multiplat 2023 OpenCritic Prediction League - Year End Results!

UnderwaterFunktown said:

Reviews are now out for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor and so far it's actually sitting at a score of 86, just slighly higher than the most optimistic predictions (at 85). Not bad at all.

Wow, I wasn't expecting this high. I tried the first one 3 times (PS4, then PS5, and now I have it on ly Steam Deck), got bored after several hours each time

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Well I think I've given Jedi Survior plenty of time to settle and it ended up at a score of 85. While that was certainly higher than most predicted, three different people ended up getting it exactly right: @NobleTeam360, @TheLegendaryBigBoss and @shikamaru317 and with those points NobleTeam has taken over the lead in the overall leaderboard! (though it's still very close at the top).

As a sidenote I almost wish I had included Lord of the Rings Gollum as a game to predict as it is getting absolutely slaugthered right now with a score of 40 and only 5 % critic recommendation. It's legitimately lower scored than Babylon's Fall right now, goddamn.

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SF6 coming in hot at 92 RN.






Looking like I way underestimated SF6.

Capcom is at it's absolute peak. I thought SF6 would be much better than V, but just easily returning to the hights of SFIV was not what I expected.

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Yeah, I was expecting good reviews for SF6 (I predicted an 85) but I didn't think it would review in the 90's. Happy for Capcom of course, they've been on fire for several years now. Also, Diablo IV reviews are dropping, so far it's at an 89 on open critic so looks like another great game for 2023.

So everyone underpredicted Diablo except for me and Bonfire, we are both spot on with 89 as of now. But literally everyone underpredicted on Street Fighter, we weren't even close. I'm honestly shocked by it being 90+, honestly my playtime on the career mode demo wasn't great, I found the career mode quite shallow, felt like something from a 70's meta game to me, not a 90's meta game. The actual main roster and arcade mode must be amazing or something.

Shikamo said:

Dead Space Remake - 85
Hogwarts Legacy - 80
Octopath Traveler II - 81
Skull and Bones - 66
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - 81
Resident Evil 4 - 90
Street Fighter 6 - 78
Diablo IV - 86
Hollow Knight: Silksong - 90
Armored Core VI - 81

Assassins Creed Mirage - 84


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I’ll raise my Armored Core prediction to 85.

I did feel like the SF6 predictions seemed low considering Capcom has been doing impressive stuff for many years now. But since I don’t know shit about fighting games I went with the crowd.

A bit late to the party since I haven't been home this week but yea reviews came in for two new games, Street Figther 6 at 92 and Diablo IV at 89. Both in the very high end and Street Figther 6 significantly higher than anybody predicted. Capcom really has been killing it in recent years and they're clearly not stopping now.

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2024 OpenCritic Prediction Leagues:

Nintendo | PlayStation | Multiplat