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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Multiplat 2023 OpenCritic Prediction League - Year End Results!

Here on the second last day of the year I think it's about damn time for the Year End Results. Despite some omissions on my part (Alan Wake II and Baldur's Gate 3 should definitely have been here in retrospect) this year saw a very solid lineup of multiplat games and also MWIII. I've now tallied up the points for the final game, Avatar, and checked that no other scores had changed, so without further ado let's see the results:

Our prestigious top 3 for total points is:

  1. @NobleTeam360 - 83 points
  2. @BonfiresDown - 80 points
  3. @Kakadu18 - 75 points

The best prediction averages were:

The highest number of closest predictions was @Kakadu18 with an impressive 5, including the last three of the year.

A big congratulations to the winners! Some lower prediction averages than the Nintendo League admittedly but we've definitely seen some suprises both positive and negative. Either way hope you enjoyed the league and I plan to continue next year with a few changes to make things a tad easier for myself. Happy New Year!

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It is not the final score yet, but it should have exceeded the expectations of many.
This year feels like 2017 all over again !

Last edited by Oneeee-Chan!!! - on 23 January 2024

I don't see anyone here, but since I'm here, I'll make a prediction.

Persona 3 Reload. 86
Dragon's Dogma 2 92