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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Bayonetta 3 Reviews: 86 Metacritic / 86 Opencritic

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DonFerrari said:
Chrkeller said:

Can't wait to see it do 450 million in sales.

Then everyone will have to apologize to the old VA.

Or see that it wasn't her that brought in the sales.

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TruckOSaurus said:
DonFerrari said:

Then everyone will have to apologize to the old VA.

Or see that it wasn't her that brought in the sales.

Can't disagree =p

duduspace11 "Well, since we are estimating costs, Pokemon Red/Blue did cost Nintendo about $50m to make back in 1996"

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Five chapters in so still quite early in the game but it has clearly gone off in a wild new direction compared to the prior games this is like the way DMC3 although retained the identity of the series it full on went off in a different direction to where the previous games were heading. DMC3 is the best comparison because like it B3 has a big shift in how you conduct combat and the implementation of new mechanics over older ones:

- Firstly weapons seem to now be a full set as in you don't mix and match by equipping one on your hands and another on your feet to make a set with the able to have two sets at a time that they can switch between on the fly instead in B3 each weapon is now a set in itself.

What this means is although the were some interesting combinations in prior games the second game showed some weapons couldn't be equipped to both hands and feet they were exclusively for one only so in B3 the weapons have more defined move sets specifically for them and unique abilities unlike a lot of the weapons in prior games will get into those later. You still have two sets at a time.

- This game's combat starts of as a cross between the first two games then runs off in its own direction, in B1 you piece together parts of the system to define your way of combat in the game, in B2 you have this overarching system that you bend to how you play while in B3 however you have elements of both approaches but you micromanage the new mechanics around it which leads to a more technical approach to combat.

- To highlight some of the changes prior iconic mechanics like the torture attacks and wicked weaves take more of a back seat to the newer ones. Demon Slave takes a bit of getting used to but pretty much fills in for Wicked Weaves and Umbran Climax and does a better job even though weaves were good, you get new demons as you progress and each has its own style and unique moveset when controlled you can have up to three equipped at a time and can switch between them on the fly. the are also some universal moves like a counter attack move where rather than dodge for witch time the equipped demon comes out and deflects the attack. Mind you all this is before I have unlocked any new moves.

- Demon Masquerade is the second new system in the game, as mentioned earlier weapons have more defined move sets due to being more a fixed set the is also a new mechanic applied to them where you take on the traits of the demon whose soul powers them. For example the starting weapon gives you the butterfly lady traits allow faster movement in travel and the ability to hover in midair.

That's the game so far and it's still early on and as for the boss fights well they are crazier than the second game, I will leave a very short clip of the first boss you fight below if you want an idea of how crazy. 

I still haven't played it. My game got last in transit and that's amazon just sent another copy out for tomorrow! I immensely enjoyed the first two so I'm excited to play this one.

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I like bayo 3 thus far, excellent combat. Witch time is always great. Graphics are meh, just seems dirty. First time since I bought a switch that I feel ready for a switch 2, though I don't think it will happen till 2024.

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Leynos said:

Mystro-Sama said:
Leynos said:

With the exception of Metal Gear Rising (port it Konami!) Platinum's best work is with Nintendo. Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Astral Chain, and now Bayonetta 3. I hope Nintendo keeps them close for many more years.

Don't sleep on Vanquish. That game was amazing.

Vanquish was such a rush! I really wish they made a sequel.

But lets not forget, and be thankful that Nier Automata got ported to the Switch. I believe its Platinum's most sold game by a huge margin too. It is definitely my favorite Platinum game to date, so lets hope Platinum stays neutral as they've made some amazing games outside of Nintendo as well.

This is the first game to make me feel the need for a more powerful Switch. The textures and environments often look worse than they do in Bayonetta 2 because the game's ambition is just too much for the Switch's hardware. At least many reviews say the bad visuals are front-loaded and the later environments look much better.

Played the first 6 chapters of Bayonetta 3 this weekend and here are some impressions. I'm going to echo @Wyrdness 's thoughts on a few points there because I've had a similar experience.

Bayonetta 3 does a lot more to refresh the combat experience than the changes from 1 to 2 and pretty much all of it is positive. The Demon Slave mechanic is very interesting and is the best use of the magic meter in any Bayonetta game. There's a risk/reward system when summoning a demon to do the dirty for you and unlike Bayonetta 2 where you were kinda forced to use Umbran Climax to do any real damage, here you have a good amount of variety on how to use your demon friends. For example, a quick hit of L2 will summon them for a quick hit or you can also use it as a combo finisher (which I like a lot).

So far, it seems they've done away with segments I found tedious in Bayo 2 (like the flying fights that took forever). The special segments in Bayo 3 have been real fun, don't overstay their welcome and also truly spectacular.

Viola is a nice addition too, although I do a lot worst in combat with her than Bayonetta but it's the switch from dodging to blocking to trigger Witch Time that throws me off. The Jeanne missions are a fun distraction too, a nice change of pace.

The only negative so far for me would be the Hint button being bound to L3, which means I might be trying to collect the five pieces for a time trial chest and accidentally press on L3 which pans the camera away from the challenge toward the objective but that's a rare occurence.

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Yeah having played a bit further anyone just starting their playthrough should get ready for a refresh in combat, if anyone has played W101 and Astral Chain some advance fundamentals also transferred to B3. The game becomes more insane in what you can do in combat as you grow into the new system, the prior games now look sane as in B3 the are demon switching antics like Dante switching styles in DMC as you command a demon like you do heroes in W101 while simultaneously combining an enemy it has to be seen to be believed. 

Just beat it. Great game, but probably my least favorite Bayonetta game. The spectacle is just too much in this one imo.