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Forums - Gaming Discussion - [Spoilers] Huge GTA 6 leak, floodgates were opened

I've really never been much of a Rockstar fan. I certainly get the appeal of the games and enjoyed/beat Vice City and GTA 5, but its not anywhere near my top 10 franchises. Cool to see some work on the game, but whenever the games comes out they are never must buy games to me.

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The source code leaking could potentially set the game back a couple of years, at least.

In a way, this might incentivize companies not to rely on 10-year+ development cycles and home office/outsourcing. Or this kind of shit will only get more common as time goes.






And development costs just went up again as a result, well done attention seeker scum.

This really sucks for all the devs involved in this project as leaks truly suck but at the same time I am not surprised this happened to Rockstar after the cash grab of the GTA trilogy "remaster" and the cancelling of RDR1 remaster and RDR2 next gen port. It seems like karma got them in the end for their recent decisions.

Just got done skimming the leaked videos. Most are forgettable debug environment stuff but a handful are worth watching. Way too early in the dev cycle to pass any real judgement but I like some of what I see so far; cloth physics, crowd density and behaviors, Euphoria-esque character physics, crazy details like adjustable seats and steering wheels, etc. Not to mention confirmation of the rumored Miami setting and dual M/F protagonists. While it was nice to finally get some footage to hold me over during this lengthy wait, there's also the possibility that it set development back an extra year. I hope the development process on this game isn't as lousy as it's been on recent R* games and we still get a great product in the end.


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shikamaru317 said:

there seem to be 2 protagonists, a southern accent white male and a latina female.

a southern accent white male and a big booty latina female

Looked like an early PS4 game.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

The whole things looks like it should be able to run on PS4 (limited number of npcs and modest scale of the city so far) if that was a consideration of them.

What if this game is facing development hell and the leak is being used to justify a potential delay as well as garner sympathy?

This was leaked by rockstar. They want it to look like they got hacked, it gives them an excuse to keep delaying while they keep milking gta5 /online.