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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What Console or PC do you plan to buy?

My next gaming device will probably be a new gaming PC when I can get one with an RTX 4060 or so, but it'll be a while still. I'll probably build it myself, but we'll see. I'm also going to end up getting a PS5 at some point, but I'm in no rush at all at the moment due to its terrible price, horrible availability, lack of games, and absolutely atrocious controller. Sony hasn't exactly made getting a PlayStation console too appealing in my eyes...

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Everything except XB pretty much, as I find them to be too redundant atm.

SanAndreasX said:

PS5 and the successor to the Switch.


Selfishly speaking, I hope Switch 2 doesn't come out until 2024 because I'm 90% sure I'll get a PS5 in 2023.

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I just got my steamdeck in the mail. I own a 12 year old gaming PC. Not planning on anything else for a long while.

I might get another ps5 if they're available. My kid is always on mine and I don't have the heart to kick him off lol. The Series X hardly ever gets used, still waiting for Starfield and Forza 8, no longer waiting for Halo split-screen rip.

I was planning on buying a new gaming laptop, but f those prices. CAD 2,700 for one with a 3070, plus tax and still need to upgrade the ram and storage after. I can buy 5 PS5's for one gaming laptop :/ Anyway, PS5 still sold out. Guess not buying any more hardware this year.

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Farsala said:

Everything except XB pretty much, as I find them to be too redundant atm.

Understandable, Though Xbox Series X does have Retroarch. Also there's some nice games to explore like Left for Dead 2, Fighting Vipers 1,Lost Odyssey,Guardian Heroes etc.

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Considering the X670E Gene, can get a free mouse with a purchase. It does not make the price that bad to be honest, and whether I should buy the A770 and provide support for a 3rd GPU maker.

Definitely upgrading my Ryzen 5950X to a 7950X in about 6 months time once prices have settled.

Might actually be able to finally play Sins of a Solar empire without any late-game slow-down.

Already got all the current consoles... Series X, Playstation 5 and Switch, so the PC gets the focus.

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