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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What Console or PC do you plan to buy?

Bofferbrauer2 said:
SanAndreasX said:

I actually want to buy a new laptop. I want to start a streaming channel. I already kind of have one, but the videos are half-assed because I don't have a lot of equipment for it. I want to do more professional-looking videos.

Wouldn't a desktop be better for streaming? Or do you plan to travel a lot with it?

I prefer the portability. I haven’t had a desktop in 20 years. 

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PS5, depending on how long I have to wait, might get a Series S before that. Depends on how soon and what quality XB future first party output is like.

The only gaming system that is of interest for me is a new switch if it will be backwards compatible with current games.
Already have a PS5 and the games backlog from PS4 + all the things I have yet to play on the switch makes any new system redundant for me.
Recently even scraped my PC and replaced it with a Mac laptop that is not suitable for games. The time I can set aside for gaming is not a lot. My backlog is huge and I usually find more enjoyment replaying games I love instead of starting a new game.

All in all, I have games to play until the day I die without buying new hardware.

Steam deck

The PS5 some time down the line and the successor to the Switch one year after it releases. Maybe an Xbox Series S, but unlikely.

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Nothing really piqued my interest this generation apart from Quest 2 (which I got), so PC as usual, when it comes the time for an upgrade (which is soon). Down the line I'll get either successor to Quest or something similar.

Already have a gaming PC (RTX 3070, Ryzen 5800X), PS5, Switch, Xbox One X and two Steam Decks.

Next probablly a GPU upgrade (RTX 4070 - 4080 or RX 7700 - 7800 XT) and PSVR 2. Maybe a Xbox Series X if there is a good trade-in offer for Xbox One X. And a Switch 2, but I don't hold my breath for that.

the super ultra switch pro 2 DS

and waiting for the RTX 3090/Ti to go down in price so I can build a new PC

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

PS5, but I keep postponing buying it because im currently in the middle of remodeling my house to add a patio/backyard, garden, and laundry room... so money is going there right now, you know, priorities.

I have had the Series X, Series S, Playstation 5, Switch OLED since launch day... And a high-end current PC.

I guess my next plan is to upgrade to the Ryzen 7000 series?

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