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Forums - Gaming Discussion - June 2022 Video Game Showcases Schedule

Thanks for the info, Trunks.

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I have to think Nintendo's going to get theirs out around this time too. Sometime in that week from the 13th-17th makes sense imo.

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I have low expectations but it should be better than last year due to way less filler and rubbish.

Tagged. Thanks for this.. Looking forward to these mini 'E3's'.

Thank you! Now I don't need to worry about searching for links.

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A bunch on names I have never even heard of and companies like netflix that i dint even know made games.

I have very expectations for this June. I'm honestly gona skip all theese small ones and catch a recap later here.

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Come on Nintendo, stop being coy.

trunkswd said:

What showcases are you all most excited to watch?

My top ones are - PS SoP, Xbox+Bethesda and Summer Game Fest. Nintendo Direct too - should there be one next month.

PS State of Play - Kicking off these events.. and though I'm keeping me expectations in check (only 30 mins) hoping we get to see FFXVI here and some new announcements. Also keen to see more of PSVR2 and games.

Summer Game Fest - Mostly looking forward to new reveals of unannounced stuff. Though not expecting that much this year.. And like it or not Summer Games Fest is the replacement for E3, for now. Excited to see if we actually get to see some Bioshock finally.

Xbox+Bethesda - More from Starfield and new IP's. Expect a really good showing this year. Want to see more of Indiana Jones.

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trunkswd said:

What showcases are you all most excited to watch?

If there's a Nintendo Direct, then that.

Hopefully there is one.

Nintendo's announcements are what I'm most excited for but PS, XB/Bethesda and SGF are also things I'm looking forward to. I'll still check out most of these though.