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Forums - Sony Discussion - Michael Pachter: "PlayStation is doomed and I think they're going to cease to exist in about 10 years."

Veteran video game analyst and all-round future predictor Michael Pachter appeared on the latest episode of the RDX podcast, and when questioned about whether Sony could compete with Game Pass in the long run, he offered a stark and sobering presentiment for the future of the PlayStation brand. 

"I think PlaySation is doomed and I think they're going to cease to exist as we know them in about ten years. They can't compete. They have no chance of competing. They're not a couple of years behind, it's an insurmountable lead."

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Okay............did anyone tell Michael Pachter it's early for april fool's day jokes?

So PlayStation is doomed again, they have never made more money than they do at this moment. Sure they may eventually stop making consoles, but as long as playstation makes games that people are willing to play, it won't go anywhere.

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The current market leader, which has been for most of the last 25 years, is doomed.

Ok, boomer.

I didn't realize the situation was so dire for Playstation, but if veteran analysts are predicting doom it must be so.

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*Sigh* Why do I even answer on this thread ...

Patcher answer's has little to no pertinence at the moment. Not to say it's an impossibility but it's obviously the kind of bait people shouldn't care about.

Heck we've got better predictors on VGC lol

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Good to know that Pachter can be wrong about companies other than Nintendo.

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Same guy who said the switch was dead on arrival?

Did this guy fall through a time warp from the year 2001? Because I seem to remember that was the prediction many made when Microsoft first entered the console market.

For that matter, the Zune didn't do a whole lot to advance the "Microsoft can just buy their way to leading any market they choose" argument.

Pretty sure he said pretty much the exact same thing about Nintendo for the past 15 years.