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Forums - Sony Discussion - Michael Pachter: "PlayStation is doomed and I think they're going to cease to exist in about 10 years."

To be fair, he does at least have a point. Sony seems to be fairly comfortable where it is, whereas Microsoft seems to be looking more into the future. I don't quite agree with his conclusion, but I think I have an idea about where he's coming from.

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Its a premature prediction that lacks foresight like many of the doomed scenarios that people want to put Sony in.

I mean, its certainly possible if Sony isn't willing to spend on their gaming division, but if Bungie is any indication, the majority of Sony's midrange investment (13B - 15B+) will be used to bolster the PlayStation division, and that's without considering whether Sony will increase the amount to spend for their midrange plan. With Activision Blizzard staying multiplatform, potentially due to the FTC, Microsoft won't be able to disrupt Sony's console model this generation, but it will significantly grow GamePass later in the decade. However, that is a large buffer to give Sony Corp from a competitive standpoint, as they will increase their revenue, profit margins, strength of IP, multimedia utility, development teams, film/television/anime studios, & live service capabilities.

Sony has never been in this good of a financial situation even compared to when they dominated electronics without any debt. They won't be able to outspend Microsoft, or sustain massive billion dollar loses to get their subscription service off the ground running, but they will be positioned to offer one of the best all encompassing subscription services on the market. It's the natural evolution of subscription services, and as we see with Netflix right now, they are planting the seeds to be able to capitalize on this very evolution down the road.

SKMBlake said:

Veteran video game analyst and all-round future predictor Michael Pachter appeared on the latest episode of the RDX podcast, and when questioned about whether Sony could compete with Game Pass in the long run, he offered a stark and sobering presentiment for the future of the PlayStation brand. 

"I think PlaySation is doomed and I think they're going to cease to exist as we know them in about ten years. They can't compete. They have no chance of competing. They're not a couple of years behind, it's an insurmountable lead."

Because we really don't need a thread with such nonsense and no real basis in reality, I'm curious — what's your take on it?

I'm planning on locking it anyway (even the source you used has done so), but I'd at least like your thoughts first.

Edit: Dealer Gaming. A source known for outlandish nonsense and whom I planned to ban from VGC altogether because of it (this thread at least served that purpose — reminder). No need to respond now. Thread locked.