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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Worthy Wii U/3DS eShop games to purchase before shut down

Hi :)

Since the 8th Gen eShop will be closing soon and Nintendo will stop accepting funds even earlier I would like to hear suggestions on worthy and rare games to get before the eShop shuts down on those consoles, both paid and freemium. I'm open to suggestions. Thanks a lot!!

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Affordable Space Adventures.
An inventive and ingenious little gem from the eshop that's never been ported elsewhere.

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The Pushmo series. Puzzle games involving the manipulation of 3D structures. Very original and challenging. 

Also, on the 3DS if you are into Pokémon, there's the VC GBC games (Red/Blue/Yellow; Gold, Silver, Crystal). Not only it's the only place they can be legally purchased, but they are compatible with Pokémon Bank, making them the only way to transfer 8bit Pokémon to modern games. 

SMT Devil Survivor 1 and 2 are both phenomenal games. 20 bucks each, maybe you can catch them on sale at some point over the next year if you don't want to pay that already cheap price.

Shin megami tensei 4 on 3ds
If you live in the UK then you can ONLY get it digitally here, and since the 3ds is region locked, unless you mod your system then its the only way to play it. It's also a pretty good game.

Ever oasis on 3ds is a super charming 3ds action adventure

7th dragon 3
It's technically the 4th game and suffers a bit from sequel syndrome since the other games never released in English, but its a fun time

Dragon ball fusions
I am not a fighting game guy, not super into arena or party fighters, but turn it into an RPG and I'm all over it.
Fusions is the only DB game I really loved

Honorable mentions to
Hatsune miku project mirai DX
Conception 2: children of the seven stars (also on psvita)
Pokemon super mystery dungeon
Final fantasy explorers
Brave dungeon
Puzzle and dragons + super Mario bros edition
And finally both story of seasons games

For wii U
All the Virtual console stuff
And xenoblade chronicles X

If you own xenoblade chronicles X on disc make sure you download the patch to reduce load times for the game

All other big wii u games in my opinion got ports to the switch

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How about the first Pokemon games? Ten bucks a pop. Not too shabby, considering how much the real carts cost plus the console.

The Boxboy games are fun puzzle platformers.

Is it worth it to buy Shin Megami Tensei IV or should I just buy IV Apocalypse?

Ogre Battle 64.

Absolute gem.

curl-6 said:

Affordable Space Adventures.
An inventive and ingenious little gem from the eshop that's never been ported elsewhere.

This was the first game that popped into my mind, great little gem, especially as local coop.