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Shin megami tensei 4 on 3ds
If you live in the UK then you can ONLY get it digitally here, and since the 3ds is region locked, unless you mod your system then its the only way to play it. It's also a pretty good game.

Ever oasis on 3ds is a super charming 3ds action adventure

7th dragon 3
It's technically the 4th game and suffers a bit from sequel syndrome since the other games never released in English, but its a fun time

Dragon ball fusions
I am not a fighting game guy, not super into arena or party fighters, but turn it into an RPG and I'm all over it.
Fusions is the only DB game I really loved

Honorable mentions to
Hatsune miku project mirai DX
Conception 2: children of the seven stars (also on psvita)
Pokemon super mystery dungeon
Final fantasy explorers
Brave dungeon
Puzzle and dragons + super Mario bros edition
And finally both story of seasons games

For wii U
All the Virtual console stuff
And xenoblade chronicles X

If you own xenoblade chronicles X on disc make sure you download the patch to reduce load times for the game

All other big wii u games in my opinion got ports to the switch

Last edited by Kneetos - on 21 February 2022