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Forums - Gaming Discussion - When will video game companies will be held liable for releasing broken games?

As long as most first party games release polished I'm fine. I don't buy AAA third party games day one or at all baring some exceptions. Capcom games and most Koei Tecmo games are also usually polished at launch.

I feel like despite this being a major problem many people do overreact and overblow the issue. It's really just a certain type of game that launches like this. Big AAA, mostly western developed games that are either shooters, WRPGs, sports games or action-adventure games.

Sony, Nintendo, most Japanese third parties and by far most indies launch their products in a functioning state. The biggest offenders of terrible launches have been bought by Microsoft, those are Bethesda and Activision. Both will most likely as a result from that in the future launch their games in a more than just acceptable state.

The other big offenders like EA and Ubisoft don't launch nearly all of their games in a broken state. Square Enix only had a few cases I know of so far.

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From a quasi legal perspective, the argument would probably be something along the lines of contributory negligence. The consumer has the ability to wait for reviews and decide later whether or not to purchase. There is also the question of whether it is reasonable to rely on developer provided gameplay as indicative of the quality of the game.

I'm far from an expert in that area of law, but generally a fraud claim requires reasonable reliance, and that'd be hard to prove here. I think the best way to hold companies accountable is by refusing to purchase at launch. Consumers ultimately decide what is acceptable.

Thats what almost killed the videogame industry in the 80s why Nintendo created the "seal of quality"

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noemie75 said:

Thats what almost killed the videogame industry in the 80s why Nintendo created the "seal of quality"

In the early 80s the industry was still very young and small compared to today so regularly buying cartridges that didn't work at all or games that were broken or just completely terrible was more than enough to turn this hobby the back for many people. It was way worse with the broken products back then too.

rapsuperstar31 said:

I never pre-order games these days, Even companies I trust like Nintendo I'll wait for the reviews and impressions first. At least with CyberPunk for those that bought it early, most stores including the Playstation store allowed returns of it.

That's a good approach to take. I take a similar one as well when I'm buying a modern game. Even when it comes from Nintendo, I will wait at least a month or so until that first patch comes, then I'll bite. For other publishers, sometimes I'll even wait until the definitive version comes out, or as I like to think of them, the "complete" version. lol

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When you stop buying them.

That simple.

When people stop buying them.

Stop buying day 1.
Stop paying for ”early access”

EDIT:// Stop blaming game companies for your choice of bying the game without doing any research first. 

It's never going to happen. Look at how many people still praise and defend Cyberpunk, it was also the final straw for me. Casual gamers outweigh actual, hardcore, meaningful gamers, the gamers who honestly actually matter. Casual gamers have and will continue to ruin the gaming industry. Gaming industry makes more money from casual gamers, because of how uneducated they are on the gaming industry and the shitty practices these companies do.

I think the bigger issue I've got is the definition of "broken game". The majority of that is hyperbole: something that is broken is defined as something that cannot perform its function whatsoever as opposed to performing poorly. A car is not "broken" if it can turn on and go from point A to point B. Yet, a car can be in such poor condition that the drive from point A to point B is problematic or uncomfortable (like a wobbling wheel or something lol).

Example: CP77 is a game I reviewed on XSX. Buggy af, the most buggy game I've ever played, but not broken: I was able to fully complete the game. Last gen console users had a hell of a time (though many DID still complete the game), but of course they've also long fixed that as best they can. And I also bought CP77 on PC just to see it fully maxed out at 60fps (which is absofuckinlutely a shining example of what kind of graphics engine they've actually built and why it struggled to be scaled BACK enough for last gen consoles!). So while people throw around the words "broken" and "unplayable", oftentimes that's just hyperbole for being pissy.

Secondarily, BF2042 is another game where this hyperbole exists. It, too, had bugs where joining matches would result in being stuck in the lobby (this primarily happened with Breakthrough), but ran rather well for me. Therein lies another interesting thing: we're talking 128 players on a map, sometimes 50-60 of those people are all vying for a single capture point. This brings out the inherent weaknesses in people's PCs or the consoles, and sometimes these things simply "go away" because hardware gets better and/or people upgrade their PCs. I'd know this because I've been in PC gaming since the Counter Strike days. And of course, that petition to get refunds?  Come on, there are people who are enjoying BF2042 and it's running perfectly fine that are signing that because of greed: they just want a free game.

So in the end, my point is that just how many GENUINELY broken games have been released? Not many. How many games have been released that needed more time to bake? Tons. With that distinction in mind, I find "gamers" use the words "broken" and "unplayable" to define things incorrectly.  Many games will continue to release in states where more polish is needed, but the reality is that it was released because under the right hardware/conditions, the game is perfectly playable just like many people drive shit cars to work everyday lol

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