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Forums - Sales Discussion - Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl shipped 13.97m units by December 31st. Lifetime sales expectations?


Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl shipped 13.97m units by December 31st. Lifetime sales expectations?

Less than 15 million 23 4.74%
15.0 - 15.9 million 29 5.98%
16.0 - 17.9 million 65 13.40%
18.0 - 19.9 million 104 21.44%
20.0 - 21.9 million 139 28.66%
22.0 - 23.9 million 46 9.48%
24.0 - 25.9 million 30 6.19%
26.0 - 27.9 million 10 2.06%
28.0 - 30.0 million 6 1.24%
More than 30 million 33 6.80%

The remake of the DS Pokémon games was off to a strong start late last year, tallying 13.97m in less than two months. What are your lifetime sales expectations.


Bonus question: If you've played either version of the remake, what's your verdict?

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I think this remake may slightly outperform the original Diamond/Pearl sales. I would project between 18 and 20 million units sold.

Bonus question: I played Brilliant Diamond and I really enjoyed it! They fixed the main flaws of the original DS games, particularly the battle speed. I beat the Elite Four and Cynthia for the first time after 48 hours of gameplay, and I've played another 10 hours of post-game content, and I haven't even started to hunt legendaries at Ramanas Park yet. I spent most of my playthrough in the Grand Underground, whether it was catching various Pokemon or collecting rare items.

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Am I the only one who thinks these are insane numbers? It's only a few million away from the original!

I wonder if they will release any sort of DLC with such high numbers so fast. I guess 18M to 19M at the least.

I think it'll get just shy of 20 million. Don't expect this to have legs. I think most people who wanted this got it during that launch period. I most people who want to play Pokemon now will be getting PLA. Amazing launch season for this remake though.

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I think it will be around 19.5 Mn. I think PLA and whatever the next Pokemon game is will make this game sell less in the long term.

Bonus question: As someone who played Pearl on the DS once and hated it, I actually liked Shining Pearl a lot. I have around 100 hours on my save file, 100% completed the Sinnoh Dex and I am around 100 short of completing the National Dex. Might go back and complete it eventually. I really enjoyed the game but if you really loved the originals and/or Platinum probably spend your money elsewhere.

Sword/Shield is at 22.64m now. I think BD/SP actually will end up in the 22-24m range while Sw/Sh will end a few million above that.

Regardless what everyone thinks, if these games surpass 18 mil then it will be the first time Pokemon Remakes outsell the originals.

I think I'll say 18-19 mil.
I think the majority of Switch owners that were gonna buy it already have and now that that it's no longer in the spotlight I think new adapters of the system are probably more likely to get Arceus, Sword/Shield or even Let's Go.

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I think it could hit 20m. Definitely feel like it will outsell DP.