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I think this remake may slightly outperform the original Diamond/Pearl sales. I would project between 18 and 20 million units sold.

Bonus question: I played Brilliant Diamond and I really enjoyed it! They fixed the main flaws of the original DS games, particularly the battle speed. I beat the Elite Four and Cynthia for the first time after 48 hours of gameplay, and I've played another 10 hours of post-game content, and I haven't even started to hunt legendaries at Ramanas Park yet. I spent most of my playthrough in the Grand Underground, whether it was catching various Pokemon or collecting rare items.

Last edited by Kaio_felipe - on 07 February 2022

It sounds good when you say "For the People", but what you really want is... a stronger army than the Knights, and the evil power to control the people.

(Ramza Beoulve, Final Fantasy Tactics)