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Time for new hints, #31 hasn’t been guessed yet, so the third hint may be of interest to @GoOnKid (Ride 3 or 4 was incorrect) or @Farsala . Also first hint for #30.

#32: Chose one of three families, naturally one goes west over the mountains, the next goes east towards islands and ancient lands, and the third goes across the sea to the desert and fertile shores.

Hint 2: Even though each of these three families are the driving force behind the expansion of this empire, or republic actually, you all still answer to a central government that owns the capital.

Hint 3: At some point however, you'll want everything for yourself, and you'll start a big war to conquer all the areas of the other two families and, finally, the capital itself to become the first emperor. Guessed by Farsala - Rome: Total War

#31: This games comes with what is maybe the most accessible map editor ever shipped alongside a game, where you can simply put down track elements such as tabletops, whoops and low high and high jumps as simple tiles.

Hint 2: Especially interesting, I always thought it was pretty hypnotising at least, was how you had to "verify" your newly built track before you could save it. The computer would then visibly trace your tiles and pieces first with black outlines from start to finish, and then remove all the tiles one after one temporarily in the backwards order.

Hint 3: You could however only create something for the ‘Supercross’ mode, not the ‘National’, ‘Baya’ or ‘Stunt Quarry’ modes. Which was too bad because ‘National’ was awesome.

#30: The battle between these two belligerents continues this time also over sea and air.

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UnderwaterFunktown said:

Time for more hints:

32) The protagonist for this game looks decidedly different from the other protagonist of the series.


Alright, a new set of hints for the next five games.


  • Mountain on the horizon


  • The Core and the Arm


  • The main character is now an instructor at a military school


  • Deviating from the course of destiny


  • The origin of the dragon and the mad dog