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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - OLED Switch - Closing poll, thank you for participating - Christmas week (Week 12 was 1.083M)


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Looks like shortages in Japan and possibly in the US will likely cause my prediction to fail. It seems to be gearing more towards the 800k.

Japan a bit lower than expected for OLED sku.

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My expectation is between 800k and 1M, so I'll take the middle and say 900k

jenpol said:

Switch in UK had one of the best week outside of Christmas and BF.

so i'm at 900k for the 1st week

Bofferbrauer2 said:

My expectation is between 800k and 1M, so I'll take the middle and say 900k

Congrats to both of you!  Looks like your predictions were accurate (rounding to the nearest 100k).

I voted 700k-800k, so first week sales did exceed my expectations somewhat.

860k FW now the question is how big the fall will be next week. 500k? less? very hard to say. Either way FW outdid my expectations, 750k was what I thought.

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Switch OLED sales ended up above the expectations of 70% of people.

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Welp, I was wrong and I'm glad.
I predict 450k for next week.

Great first week. Hopefully OLED, Mario Party, and Pokemon can lead Switch to finishing the year with 103-104m. Wanna see next week hold above 500k, then its only a few weeks till sales shoot up to the 1.5m-2m range.

Kakadu18 said:

Welp, I was wrong and I'm glad.
I predict 450k for next week.

I haven't run any numbers for week 2, but that is a decent prediction. Switch OLED is pretty much sold out so stock will be limited for a while. But that still adds sales on top of what the OG Switch and Lite sell. 

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There's lots of doubt about the OLED's appeal, but week 1 seems to have upset certain low predictions by having sold strongly and being out of stock, and some high ones like mine by being too popular and not having enough stock to back up the demand.

Here were the week 1 voting results:

Let's see more predictions for week 2. I'll change the poll.

With the supply shortages, I'm going to reduce my prediction from 800k down to 500k.

I've gone 450-500. Really depends on Nintendo's ability to get enough stock out there.