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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - OLED Switch - Closing poll, thank you for participating - Christmas week (Week 12 was 1.083M)


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Plenty of people seemed unable to find one initially... Also... Scalpers.

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So we have the first full week, but with stock issues. I expect a 50 % drop, so I go with 400-450k. Japan numbers look awful for week 2.

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Week 2s are often much lower because of depleted stock, while week 3 won’t drop much or can even be higher again. I’ll go with mildly low 400-450k.

I'm going with 400k - 450k. I think there won't be many OLED models in stock until Pokemon is released. Nintendo is holding back for the holidays. Once Pokemon releases, I think we are going to see some really big numbers though.

After seeing Japan's numbers, I'm not confident it will even break the 400k mark. Hopefully it does, but it seems like shortages may make it fall short. I already predicted 450-500k before seeing that though so we will see

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Went with 500-550 for week 2. My first week prediction was a bit low, let's see if I'll get this one on point


Personally im going with a 40% drop atleast

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After reading through the comments here and looking at the Japanese numbers for the second week my initial guess of 500-550 feels a little high. But who knows maybe stock and/or interest in the rest of the world did not dip the second week.

Well there we go, 393k.

I said 450-500k.

I had voted 400k-450k, so I had voted just a little too high.  I do think it will be up just a little bit for week 3 though, so I am going 400k-450k again.