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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - OLED Switch - Closing poll, thank you for participating - Christmas week (Week 12 was 1.083M)


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I'm going with 450 - 500k, but it could also be above 500k.

padib said:

Hmm, you guys might be right. Predicting this has been a lot harder than expected due to unknowns about stock, either shortages or replenishing.

It seems the OLED jumped from 32.5k to 61k in Japan this week. That's a nice bounce back.

Yeah, that begs the question if the restock was worldwide or Japan only.  I guess we'll find out in a few days.  If it's a worldwide restock, then there could be wild swings from one week to the next.

501k for Week 3, so managed to get up to being basically flat YoY. Now the question is will they have stock for Week 4? Or will it be a massive drop like Week 2 was again.

This is so difficult to predict because it all depends on Oled restock. I think we might get a minor dip because of aforementioned reason, 475K.

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I think it'll have slight growth in week 4.

For week 4 I chose 600-650k, because I expect a restock due to the Mario Party Superstars release.

siebensus4 said:

For week 4 I chose 600-650k, because I expect a restock due to the Mario Party Superstars release.

Does Mario Party Superstars release correspond to week 4 or week 5?

The Mario Party Superstars release week will be the upcoming week 4 of Switch OLED model.

About the same as week 3, maybe a very slight increase. Voting 500-550.