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Forums - General Discussion - Rumor: Microsoft to Buy Earth


Dr. Phil: "How do you feel?"

MS fan laughing at Sony. 7 16.28%
Sony fan ticked off about saving money. 3 6.98%
Nintendo fan laughing at everyone. 8 18.60%
PC overlord sitting on my RTX throne. 6 13.95%
What's a game? 1 2.33%
What's an Earth? 8 18.60%
What's an Elon Musk? 10 23.26%

And include the entire Earth in a Gamepass subscription monthly fee. It's going to save people a ton of money. Travel, groceries, oxygen, employment, getting married, having babies, all of it is going to be included in the new Gamepass subscription. But there are already some Sony fans so upset about the money people will save that they are threatening to leave Earth altogether and colonize Mars. These Sony fans are begging Elon Musk to follow up on his promise to nuke Mars with 10,000 missiles to initiate terraforming. Until that is accomplished, if these rumors are true, Sony fans will just have to sit around on Earth experiencing the horror of saving money.

Stay tuned...

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Now this rumor I can get behind

Microsoft already works exclusively with Earth tho, so its not much of a aquisition tbh.
I rather they buy some of the Indie planets out there, that could really help them grow and develop.

I heard they are bringing everyone's passed away dead pets back to life and will be only on Game Pass.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Too much water

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They can't buy Earth! I live there!

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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All these acquisitions and putting them straight onto gamepass, there's no way they're making a profit.

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As a PC gamer, this doesn't affect me.  Being able to chart anywhere in the known universe with my rig has its benefits.


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