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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is 2021 Sony's Worst Year, First Party Wise, in the past decade?

They've released MLB The Show 21; Returnal and Ratchet and Clank but with Horizon being delayed to 2022 I feel like this year may be one of their worst in over a decade. At least quantity wise.

There is Ghost of Tsushima as well but that is originally a 2020 game.

I feel like if Sony was able to supply enough PS5's then we wouldn't be having this conversation as I doubt they would have delayed Horizon.

With that being said, 2022 is shaping up nicely.

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brute said:

I feel like if Sony was able to supply enough PS5's then we wouldn't be having this conversation as I doubt they would have delayed Horizon.

I don't think the number of PS5's has any effect on Horizon 2's release date whatsoever.

As for 2021, yes it's a weak year for Sony. But considering the output last year it's to be expected. They got their load ready for PS5 launch.

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2021 was never going to live up to that they need time to get back on their feet. Still it depends on preferences. I'd take Ratchet & Clank over their entire 2019 line-up.

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First couple years of PS4 were forgettable, which is why no one ever talks about them (they just remember it how they choose). Feel free to read this PS4 year one review and see how much space is actually dedicated to talking about the games. Given that, this isn't surprising in the least. But that's how first years for almost every new system are, which is why it seems insane to me that the hype storm only seems to increase every generation.

Not sure how Horizon being delayed has anything to do with them being unable to meet demand for PS5s. When Sony did their announcement show with all the games 'planned for 2021', I had already assumed none of them would make that release target and it was just marketing. I can even pull up my PS5 reaction posts if you'd like. The only surprise was Ratchet & Clank being released so early, but I was also expecting it to have a fair bit more scale compared to the previous game in the series (that's not meant as a dig, just my honest thoughts from the time.); So while Rift Apart still seems like a solid game I hope to play eventually, it's not the type of game I was hoping could eventually convince me to go out and buy new expensive hardware.

Not their best year, but they still had a great first year for the PS5 and an absolutely fantastic 1.5 years for PS4/PS5 games. Plenty of non first party games filled in the holes this year for us. Now I hope Nintendo gets it together next year, I haven't bought a new Switch game since Super Mario 3D All Stars last year and will only buy Metroid this year.

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The reality is Sony has become known for really massive, expensive games. Their quality is usually considered amazing by those that play them. If Sony made a decent amount of AA or lower AAA games they would be pumping out more games than they do, but they don't.

Nintendo, on the other hand, makes a few massive, expensive games (like Botw, SMO, Xenoblade Chronicles 2), but the vast majority of their games are AA or A in terms of resources needed to develop, making them able to pump out a lot more games. Even comparing Nintendo's big hitter's budgets to something like Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima, or The Last of Us would probably show Sony spends a lot more money on those AAA games.

I bring this up because as hardware advances, Sony's fans expect them to make games that push their hardware, and so Sony is forced to primarily focus their resources on those kinds of games, reducing the overall quantity of games they can produce in the same time period as Nintendo. Nintendo, on the other hand, doesn't have those expectations set upon them by their fans. We are just as happy to have Animal Crossing, 2-D Donkey Kong/Mario games, Kirby, Advanced Wars, and a ton of other games that cost a lot less to develop than Botw/SMO/XC2. In fact, many of us are happier by those experiences than the big-budget games. I'm not blaming anyone or even saying this is a bad thing. I'm not sure which happened first, the chicken (Sony making primarily expensive games) or the egg (fans expecting primarily expensive games), but somewhere along the way, that expectation was established. They are doing very well financially, are selling a butt-ton of hardware each generation, and I think their fans are generally happy with this arrangement. This isn't a criticism, it's me brainstorming why this trend exists in response to anyone who seems disgruntled by their lack of quantity-based output. I'd imagine if polled, Sony fans would rather have 3-6 games a year with an average higher budget than 10 games a year with an average lower budget.

Why draw the Line at 2021? Ignoring the giant pile of games that released just two months before seems weird.
Combine with still getting Ratchet and Returnal this year + the fact we are in year two of a pandemic.

The comparison seems off.
I only remember Infamous second son, and Knack for PS4.

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brute said:

I feel like if Sony was able to supply enough PS5's then we wouldn't be having this conversation as I doubt they would have delayed Horizon.

We wouldn't be having this conversation if a little something called Covid-19 didn't exist...

some games have been hit worse than others. that's just the nature of the industry atm. 

Probably, but the very beginning of the PS1 and perhaps 2014 or 2015 would qualify as well.

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Honestly, COVID-19 messed it all up.

The lack of hardware available has made the PS/XBOX launch so lackluster it makes it hard now to want one any time soon even if they did manage to get more stock into shops.