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Forums - Sports Discussion - The NFL Thread 2021: Los Angeles Rams Win Super Bowl LVI


Who will win Super Bowl LVI?

Kansas City Chiefs 2 9.09%
Buffalo Bills 2 9.09%
Baltimore Ravens 0 0%
Cleveland Browns 1 4.55%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7 31.82%
Green Bay Packers 3 13.64%
Los Angeles Rams 3 13.64%
New Orleans Saints 0 0%
Other (AFC) 3 13.64%
Other (NFC) 1 4.55%
Chrkeller said:

Vikings, chiefs and bills all look great. Wasn't impressive with anyone else. Long season, subject to change.

I would add the Buccaneers to that list they pretty much shut down the Cowboys completely, it would have been nice if they reached the end zone at least one more time.  But overall, it was a great beginning of the Todd Bowles coaching reign.

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Was always grateful for the work Rol did for these threads, especially compared to the previous person who dares not show his face after how badly his arguments defending the Patriots have aged, but I digress...

As mentioned this site is in innevitable decay, so it didn't seem fair to put any pressure on making a new thread when there might not even be active users by the end of this season. Thanks once again for all the work until now.

I am definitely still here but honestly, no NFL thread makes me even less likely to come for anything other than sales threads. I considered just posting my predictions for the NFL games before the season started in this thread for the fun of it. But meh.

Well, if any team could out-Jet the Jets, it would be Cleveland.

Fuck Kyle Shanahan...

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Some very entertaining football in these first two weeks.

PAOerfulone said:

Fuck Kyle Shanahan...

Why they have a much better chance at winning more games now that Jimmy G is the starter again.  Trey Lance wasn't ready for prime time.  This early in the season I would say fuck Mike Tomlin they are not going anywhere with Mitch Trubisky might as well give Kenny Pickett some playing time and see what he can do.

The 49ers have a strong enough team where it really shouldn't make a difference whether Trey or Jimmy is starting. That Defense and Running Game + Kittle coming back should be enough for them to beat any body. 

We all know what Jimmy is and to this point, it hasn't been enough. That's why they got Trey and why he was the starter, to let him grow so that he can eventually be THAT guy. 

But the way Kyle used him excessively as a runner just left him vulnerable. The guy was running more than even Lamar Jackson did when he started out, while not being as fast and elusive as Lamar. 

And Josh Allen, who is the one QB Trey is most often compared to, didn't run NEARLY as much as Trey did. Kyle didn't even give him a chance to show off his arm because he used him more as a Full Back, and now the kid just lost an entire season of his career, and now the team's long term future is in jeopardy. 

So like I said before: FUCK Kyle Shanahan.