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Favoritre Phantasy Star Online game?

Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 0 0%
Phantasy Star Online Episode 2 0 0%
Phantasy Star Online 2 Launch 0 0%
Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis 0 0%
Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Ultima 1 100.00%
Phantasy Star Online epis... 0 0%
Phantasy Star Nova 0 0%
Phantasy Star Universe 0 0%
SegaHeart said:

Got this from a website 2 days ago That's all for now.

Sonic Frontiers was teased during a Sonic the Hedgehog "Direct" called Sonic Central, and was properly revealed at The Game Awards 2021. Once fans got a glimpse of the in-engine footage, many were quick to liken it to Breath of the Wild, ecstatic at the idea of a similar Sonic game. However, with the way Sonic Frontiers refers to itself as "open-zone" rather than "open-world," there's a chance it may run closer with Super Mario Odyssey.

Thinking it'll be a open-level type game. That's what I'd do.

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SegaHeart said:

I give up if anyone is willing to revive Sega Arcade business and It's old Ip's? It will be Sega porting on Xbox and Microsoft giving Sega huge Loaf of cash or 

Disgruntled Microsoft buys few shares from Sega for ownership? Which I don't want but seeing them close the rest of the arcades saddens me.

Genuinely heartbreaking news. Always wanted to visit the legendary SEGA arcades.

I grew up with SEGA. Had every console they ever made except the SG-1000 and handheld Nomad. Hate seeing them stumble. Really wish they'd bring back Jet Set Radio and Eternal Arcadia.

That one Sonic Frontiers trailer reminds me of Xenoblade Chronicles.

"Your favorite 3D Sonic Game"

Well, that was tough. I love both Adventures (Probably I like 2 a bit more because of the plot), and I have very good memories with Colors, Unleashed and Generations. In the end, I voted for Colors, but again, that was a hard choice.

First Sonic Adventure was the best. It felt open with the main hub rather than just leveled like in 2. I enjoyed playing as big the cat and Amy. The story was good imo. The level with the mirrors in the jungle was great! Plus it ushered in the era of detailed 3D modern graphics. Seeing it for the first time elevated my feelings about gaming to a new level. Gosh that was beautiful after a lifetime of nes/snes/ps1/n64! Blew me away.

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I gave my Dreamcast a makeover. I may get it a GDEMU mod later but for now. I like it.To add to it I also picked up an ASCII Japan only Mission Stick.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

So many great Sega games are lost in the past. Imo wishlist for remakes:

Billy Hatcher and the giant egg
Jet set radio future
Sega Soccer Slam
Typing of the dead (should be mandatory in primary schools lol)

I choose PSO Blue burst because that game contains episode 1 and 2..
Phantasy Star Online was my most played game in Dreamcast , and later in the Gamecube.
Blue burst in PC was good to. Rightnow im Playing PSO2 in xbox ocasionally.