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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite Gears of War game?


What's your favorite Gears of War game?

Gears of War 82 18.34%
Gears of War 2 147 32.89%
Gears of War 3 77 17.23%
Gears of War 4 7 1.57%
Gears 5 70 15.66%
Gears of War: Judgment 8 1.79%
Gears Tactics 17 3.80%
Other 39 8.72%

Same thing as usual.

What's your favorite Gears of War game?


Bonus question: Which hopes and expectations do you have for the future of the IP?

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Currently playing through the games

Beat Judgment last week. Gonna get on Gears 4 and 5 this week.

Out of the 4 I've played so far while I think Gears 1 or 2 is probably the best one I thought some of the gameplay changes they did to Judgment sticks around. I kinda liked the arcade-stylish mission structure. Story wasnt very good though :P

This is a tough one.

For me the main appeal of the series is in its tight shooting, macabre style, and epic action.

In this regard, 2 and 3 are closely matched for the top spot; both have some truly fantastic setpieces, as well as razor sharp gameplay. 3 is perhaps a little more mechanically polished and packs an extra graphical oomph, while I feel like two probably has slightly more memorable highlights.

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Very hard to say as almost all of them are excellent.

Gears 2 > Gears 5 > Gears 3 > Gears 1 (Ultimate) > Gears Tactics >>> Gears 4 >>>>>>>>> Gears Judgment

I would say Gears 3. It had the best overall package and a great end to the original trilogy. I will say, I've put way more time into Gears 5 multiplayer/horde than any titles.

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I have only played through and beat 1-4, I just started 5, not too far in but so far it's really really good. Have yet to play judgment. This is a really hard one for me.

Overall, I think 3 was the best, but my favorite is the first one, because at some points it was scary and had an isolated feel to it.

I would say for me it looks like this.


Judgement and 5 I will figure out once I complete them. But right now i like 5 more than 4 and 2


never played tactics, neither 5 ( have the title, but it´s in my backlog, waiting)

Gears 2>Gears 3> Gears 1> Gears 4.

All of them have something going on. 1 The horror vibe/2the bombastic story (prescot's speech)/G3 brothers till the end.... Judgement the visuals and overrun. G4 my least favourite game of the main series.

Gears 5 is the best one in my opinion. The amount of content is insane (even when some will complain their fav character has not made it into the game yet).

The future is hard to say because TC is working on a new ip first.

G6 could be like Halo infinite becoming free to play with modes/campaign locked behind a payment.

I'm not exactly the right person for this as I'm a casual fan at most, I played the original trilogy lightly. I couldn't get into it enough to finish them (one day tho) and I thought the MP modes in Judgement was really fun. But I was pleasantly surprised by 5, story really pulled me (I beat it). Gameplay is always top tier in Gears and I even invested a decent amount of time in the MP (and I didn't totally suck!). So for me it's Gears 5 hands down, and damn Coalition really cemented themselves in the Xbox First party Studios lineup.

Gears 5 for me. Really enjoyed the grounded story telling. also the game is outright beautiful.