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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I know why the Switch OLED is more expensive

- Bigger and better OLED screen: $20
- Bigger storage: $3
- Better Audio capabilities: $10
- Larger Kickstand: $1
- Improved dock: $6
- Fucking up the expectations of those who were awaiting a "Pro" model: Priceless

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burninmylight said:
mjk45 said:

I'm a Hardware expert so you have to listen to me, Sony accidently ordered millions of Vita OLED screens after they had already changed the Vita screens to LCD  but because the desert where Governments and Corporations love to hide their shit was full of dumped ET carts, they had no alternative but to keep them hidden in the warehouse that warehouse unbeknownst to them also housed another secret, a batch of prototype Virtual boy 2's.

It was during a search and destroy mission to eliminate any remnants of that dark past that Nintendo found those Vita screens and made a deal where Sony got to  save years of R&D costs simply by readying those Virtual boy 2 Prototypes for mass production and branding them PSVR 2 and in return Nintendo received the OLED screens free of charge, but unfortunately Nintendo forgetting to account for the labour costs involved in glueing the Vita screens together and then cutting them to fit the Switch.

Breaking news.. My connections at Nintendo have assured me that using the very best accounting practices that can be procured from the interwebz the actual cost is $100 per unit so in their own words  "Nintendo is once again generously subsidising it customers and should be praised for doing so".

Just got off the phone with my uncle who works at Nintendo (well more of an uncle-in-law; he's Japanese, and I'm not), he made me promise not to tell anyone that Nintendo plans to maintain the same profit margins when it inevitably does a price drop for the Switch in the future by stealthily removing the brightness sensor entirely. The nickel/dime they save per unit is roughly equal to the $50 that will be slashed from each model.

They should have used the same Nintendo R&D guys that came up with the idea to duct tape two gamecubes together and call it the Wii, those guys would have stripped everything out of the old dock painted it white and sold it as a new lightweight version, while selling separately a cardboard box containing the hdmi- Lan - ac adaptor sockets as a premium upgrade with the option of an extra ten bucks getting you some Nintendo seal of quality double sided tape to attach it to your new lightweight dock. and those guys would have used a sticker for their brightness sensor that way with any upgrade they could easily replace it with another sticker picturing the latest sensor.

WARNING:  removal of any stickers or use of unauthorised tape will void all the warranties.

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TomaTito said:
mjk45 said:

TomaTito you naughty boy!! It isn't even out yet and you've broken it already 😢

All in the name of science!

Made it better for ventilation, but the new vents should help in that respect too.

EDIT: Hmmm, what is this lower vent for???

... wait, the nub was already there!?

Enough space to store games there.

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It's more expensive because it can be, without hurting sales 

Pemalite said:

You didn't explain why it's more expensive though. Clickbait title?

I think that it is more expensive to give incentive to sell all the stock of the previous versions, making the OLED and Lite the only two available in due time.  The price can then be dropped to 300 when the time comes and it will be labeled as a price cut.

Unless of course it sells at 350 over the years like the base model already is at which case 350 will stay till sales drop.  Not my preferred business strategy as a consumer, but it is a logical one for Nintendo.

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VAMatt said:

Setting the price is one of the most important parts of marketing any product. The price is higher because they want it to seem like a premium product.

Great comment! 

Call me crazy, but I don’t Care if there is never a true “pro” Switch, I would just as soon get brand-new hardware.

Quake brought to my attention that the LCD panels of the OG models could be in supply shortage, hence the Switch to OLED.
This higher price model would motivate people to buy up the OG stocks... although not much help is needed in that respect.
You'd expect the Lite model to follow with a similar revision sometime in the future.

Peh said:
TomaTito said:

EDIT: Hmmm, what is this lower vent for???

Enough space to store games there.

You would store your games in those vents? Hey, they might even fit

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