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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Which Nintendo console had the best first party lineup?


I think the best is...

NES 9 15.00%
Super NES 21 35.00%
Nintendo 64 11 18.33%
Gamecube 8 13.33%
Wii 9 15.00%
Wii U 2 3.33%

Honestly I can't decide. They all have their strengths and weaknesses and for me it mostly levels out.

Gameplay > Graphics

Substance > Style

Art Direction > Realism

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Super NES.

Last good Nintendo console.

N64 had Ocarina of Time and Mario 64. That's already enough because those are my #1 and #3 favourite games of all time. Beyond that it had Majora's Mask, Star Fox 64, Mario Kart and more and if you count them as first party GoldenEye, Banjo and the other Rare classics. No console can beat that.

The SNES though is an easy second place, when it has Yoshi's Island and A Link to the Past among others.

That is a tough question. I voted for the SNES based on gut reaction. My gut also tells me Gamecube was the worst (although still pretty damn good).

I kind of want to take a closer look at this though. Would you include everything published by Nintnedo? Nintendo published a lot of Rare games, although not all of them. If you only include Nintendo developed games that probably changes the picture a bit.

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Super Nintendo for me. Gave us some of the best games in Nintendo's best series, while also delivering with exciting new IPs.

NES was great for new IPs too, but the games weren't great. Everything after SNES became too derivative.

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Since I put so much stock in innovation, I voted NES. Nothing is harder than creating something out of nothing. And seeing as how a lot of people are still playing (and requesting) many of the its IPs, no Nintendo console did that better than the NES.

I feel I should talk this out with those who may know better than me, because this would affect my vote greatly; were Rare's games on SNES and N64 first or second party?

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Wii and NES easily had the most powerful in house first party software lineup. Wii Sports and Super Mario Bros remain to this day the most successful killer apps in video game history. Both consoles also had robust lineups of compelling first party software that dominated the sales charts.

N64 is the next place. While not quite as powerful, Ocarina of Time brought back memories of the hype machine that was Super Mario Bros 3. First party software and Rare carried the console, as it otherwise had an anemic third party lineup.

SNES is winning, but people are conflating third party software. Forgetting that the first party software wasn’t all that spectacular. 

GameCube and Wii U failed as home consoles because of weak first party lineups and nothing particularly interesting in third party software either. The lack of compelling software translated into lack of interest in the consoles as a whole. But Wii U’s experience was worsened by the shoddy hardware, as games like Mario Kart were substantially more fun to play on Switch thanks to much more content and features on top of it being possible the biggest local multiplayer game in history. Mario Kart 8 is a great example of how a mediocre game on one hardware can be a killer app on another.

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Super Nintendo.

- Yoshi's Island.
- Super Mario World. - My favorite 2D Mario.
- Zelda: A link to the past. - My second favorite top-down Zelda after Links Awakening.
- Super Metroid. - The best metroid game. Complete it yearly.
- Super Mario All-Stars. - Took the NES games and remastered them in a comprehensive package.
- Super Mario Kart. - First Mario Kart title in the franchise, showed us what mode 7 can do.


StarFox - Although a first party game, developed by a 2nd/3rd party. Was amazing.
Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, 3. - Made by a 3rd party, Nintendo franchise, absolutely the absolute rave back in the 90's before the 3D era truly kicked off.


The Super Nintendo still holds up visually today and thanks to the Sony audio, still sounds great too.

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