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Forums - Politics Discussion - US rivers drying up, massive heat waves, devastating cold snaps

SvennoJ said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

Also, isn't the problem increasingly going from "keeping the sea out" to "getting the river water out into the sea"? With rising sea level, the water level on the Rhine Delta and halfway inlands also rises, as the river is almost flat at sea level by that point. In other words, on a high tide, the water wouldn't flow off anymore and start accumulating, risking to flow over the levies if too much accumulates that way.

Yep, hence that crazy idea to dam the entire North Sea. It's either that or build walls along the rivers all the way to Germany and Belgium.

Perhaps nuclear fusion driven mega pumps to the rescue. The Rhine discharges 13 million liters per second at maximum.

The most powerful pump, Nijhuis-HP1-4000.340 pumps 60K liters per second at 5,364 HP

You would need 217 of them to pump out the Rhine at max flow, it's do-able :)

Dunno what it would cost in energy, a lot probably.

I don't think reclaiming Doggerland is economically feasible. The amount of soil and pumping required would be insane.

Also the UK would throw the biggest tantrum the world has ever seen. Because if that happened they would share a land border with the rest of the EU.

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SvennoJ said:
JRPGfan said:

The ironic thing is this will have devistating consequences for some areas, while others will only be slightly effected.
Russia as a exsample, will hardly be hit by this (not near any coast lines) and large area's of siberia, will be hotter, and suitable for farm lands.

Other places like scandinavia, canada, if we can deal with riseing sea levels, it wont effect us that much.

Rising sea levels won't effect us, but flooding from the rivers and tornadoes are increasing in risk

That's Barrie, Ontario, happened yesterday

Legit tornadoes here in ON are more rare  yet arent really increasing. Though the ones that do touchdown are causing more destruction when they do. Most of the time big storms get quite narly but the twisters never fully touchdown let alone grow, so they're not counted. Barrie is part of tornado alley here in ON, but it's nothing like tornado alley down in the states, not even close. If that twister had hit a small farm town like is more typical, the news wouldn't have cared if there was something more 'important', like a mean tweet or something. It's because our news has been hyper focused on the heatwave and fires in BC lately and because Barrie is close enough to the Toronto bubble to 'matter' in ON.

We should trade some of that BC drought to the Dutch in exchange for some water though. Get on it Trumpdeau!