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Forums - Gaming Discussion - So how long until E3 dissapears?


So how long until E3 dissapears?

There won't be an E3 next year. 2 5.13%
One or two years down the line. 3 7.69%
Three to five years down the line. 6 15.38%
Six to ten years down the line. 7 17.95%
More than a decade down the line. 4 10.26%
E3 is fine and won't diss... 17 43.59%

E3 is but a shadow of what it once was. I wouldn't mourn if the last straw breaks and it dies off completely.

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I'd say it's got about six to ten years left. So it should survive most of the ninth generation, and will probably go into the tenth generation as well.

I haven't cared much about E3 in years. Sony doesn't care anymore and Nintendo hasn't had a physical conference since 2012, though they still bring games to the expo.

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Hard to predict things like this way too far in the future, but this year has shown again that E3 is here to stay, no matter how some people want it to go away for whatever weird reason.


Hopefully soon. E3 feels so pointless. The last few years have been pretty dreadful save for MS in 2018, Nintendo in 2019,2021. Companies can deliver news at any point in their own event online now. Combined with TGS, Gamescon and so many other events. E-Sports. Game Awards. E3 just feels redundant and why companies have so little to show. I also like the idea of a company having something to show at their pace than rush something together for E3. E3 began as a trade show for the press. Became more consumer-focused in the 7th gen but has outlived its usefulness. I honestly think a video uploaded to YT is more exciting now than E3 dragging on for 3 days. So if we are lucky 2022 is the last E3 ever.

Oh one other thing. E3 used to be the best way to show off a game right? Well now they can announce a game and release a demo that day to everyone else. You don't need to be in person. Zoom calls can get the interviews from press to dev.

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Last couple of years has proven that Sony not being at E3 has had zero negative effect on their business (even Nintendo has been fine only having a direct)

E3 is antiquated. Unless they can move to a Gamescom or TGS like system, it's only going to become more irrelevant. I'm actually surprised ppl still care about it. It's not like conferences have disappeared (except Sony who clearly want to have more breathing space).

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It’s kind of a zombie now. The only real saving graces were Metroid Dread, Advance Wars, and footage of Zelda and SMT V. And even Nintendo saves its best for its own events and for TGS.

It won't specifically die. It'll simply fade in importance as time goes on now since the stream of news can be more easily controlled by the publishers themselves. The internet and social medias have allowed it to happen.

Still, E3 is a landmark week in gaming where we can celebrate the medium and get loads of announcement for every type of games. That fact's still there.
I mean it wasn't a good overall E3 by any means but considering what the world went through this past year, the machine wasn't gonna turn back smoothly as some would've thought.

Mark my words, next year will easily be better (prevent another bio-apocalypse goes off )

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Depends on the people running it. If they do well then it won't disappear any time soon, if ever.

Even in it's current format it's far from done. E3 is much more than just the press conferences. Sure, they can be done digitally, but how do you put controllers or new hardware in peoples hands and let them actually physically try it out over the internet? You can't. So that alone could keep E3 going.

There's also the option of opening it up to the general public. Just look at Gamescom. That's pretty shit in terms of the press conferences there's like no new game announcements and never anything big there, but it's also the biggest gaming conference since the general public want to go and try out all the new things. E3 could easily capitalise on people wanting to do that too.

I miss the old days of E3, when I watched conference after conference deep into the night.

I guess the key word is "disappear". There'll probably be something called E3 for a long time. Whether it is relevant to the gaming community? Even now I'd say it's less important than a Nintendo Direct, or similar presentations.

So in a couple of years it'll probably be less newsworthy as companies will do on-line events at various points of the year to align better with their marketing plans... For all intents and purposes, it will have disappeared.