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Forums - Gaming Discussion - So how long until E3 dissapears?


So how long until E3 dissapears?

There won't be an E3 next year. 2 5.13%
One or two years down the line. 3 7.69%
Three to five years down the line. 6 15.38%
Six to ten years down the line. 7 17.95%
More than a decade down the line. 4 10.26%
E3 is fine and won't diss... 17 43.59%

Wait, didn't it die in 2005?

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It depends on the ESA's ability to adapt. I don't think e3 is going to necessarily end. The big conferences probably will be adapted to more direct style venues but the E3 show floor is a staple for seeing new games and technology in motion instead of just rendered video. This year was destined to be weaker due to covid restrictions and delays created due to covid.

I genuinely expect more TGA announcements than E3 announcements at this point.






Not anytime soon. As long as the ESA can keep pulling in most of the big publishers and platform holders, they'll be fine.

I know I'm late, but I personally hope E3 doesn't dissapear any time soon. It's true that it's more flexible for the companies to have their own events whenever they think it's more convenient, and that the original purpose of E3 may have been lost with the passing years, and I think too that the description someone made in another thread - E3 as a huge advertisement that we're willing to watch - is actually quite accurate. But at the same time, I think E3 has certain "magic" attached to it; I personally don't feel the same excitement for any other events (even if I can still enjoy them) than I feel when E3 is coming. If I had to give a reason why, however, I may not be able to find anything rational - it's probably just because I associate it with good memories in the past, waiting for it to come while swimming in a sea of rumors and speculation.

Anyway, it's not like I would die or something if E3 dissapeared - I just pretty much prefer it doesn't.

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I dont think E3 will ever die out completely but it will continue to decline until you have only the smaller publishers presenting and the focus becomes more a fan zone with demos rather than big dev reveals as it has been for so long.

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I think the right question would be: why do some people want it to die so bad? Like... What is the issue with E3 existing??? lmao

PD: I don't think it will dissapear, just keep losing relevance until it becomes a convention like any other.

JCGamer55 said:

I think the right question would be: why do some people want it to die so bad? Like... What is the issue with E3 existing??? lmao

Because it sucks. You are probably too young to remember what a proper E3 convention looks like. E3 was an amazing event in the early noughties.