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Forums - Politics Discussion - $5,000 anti-racist dinner parties

There has been a lot of topics in this thread, about defunding the police, what constitutes white supremacy, CRT, etc. So I guess I am in the right place posting this.

I came across supremely interesting findings of a data analyst who initially was hired by Thomson Reuters to provide data on BLM and racial police bias. But his findings were so out of line with what could be published, that they wanted him to change them. He did not back down however and was fired subsequently. He did post his findings online though and here they are:

Police and BLM analysis

This is the first link I ever posted and I don't know what I am doing. His name is Zac Kriegman. If you google his name and blm you will find his blog with "the post that led to my termination".

Some interesting stuff from it:

"in 2020 there were 457 whites shot and killed by police, compared to 243 blacks.  Of those, 24 of the whites killed were unarmed compared to 18 blacks."

"African-Americans made up 53% of known homicide offenders in the U.S. and commit about 60% of robberies, though they are 13% of the population.”

"There are many more whites killed by police, even though whites account for a similar absolute number of violent offenders.  Thus, if the number of potentially violent encounters with police reflects the violent crime rates, then the raw statistics suggest that there is actually a slight anti-white bias in police applications of lethal force."

"It’s worth taking a moment to put these numbers in perspective:

  • 18 unarmed blacks shot by police annually

  • 26 unarmed whites shot by police annually

  • 2500 (at least, but possibly well over 10,000) additional murders—mostly black—as a result of the de-policing prompted by BLM falsehoods

  • 8000 blacks murdered by criminals annually

It would take roughly 140 years for police to shoot as many unarmed black people as have been murdered as a result of BLM falsehoods in just the past few years."

These assertions are quite damning to say the least. I hope Zac Kriegmans work will change some poeples opinions and subsequently some peoples lifes for the better.