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After the official release of Subnautica: Below Zero, i wanted to express myself on how good these games actually are. 

As you are well aware that the games are based submerged 90% of the time. The goal is to survive and eventually escape planet 4546b.

I will try my best not to spoil the games content. I have completed both games on Steam.


You start off crashing in the deep oceans on planet 4546b. With nothing on you except your PDA. It uses the common survival traits of eating and drinking concepts. (Unless you choose the Freedom or Creative modes which are basically super easy mode and sandbox build mode) I suggest playing this game on Survival mode for the standard experience or Hardcore mode if you like the idea of 1 death equals game over.

The game is based on crafting items and equipment to increase your survival chances and create modifiers and vehicles to be able to explore the deeper ends of the ocean. As you continue to explore the ocean you will find other PDAs with information on what to do next and you will also find blueprints to unlock more crafting.

The Ocean is a beautiful place to be in especially when nearing the surface however down below the depths or venturing too far out from safe areas will lead you into finding some nasty surprises. The ocean is a big place and its meant for big things.