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BraLoD said:
Barozi said:

Series X and PS5 are completely sold out.
Nothing available online and whenever the news pops up that a store has a few of them, people are racing each other to get there and the consoles are sold out in an hour or two.

Series S is somewhat available (at least here in Germany).

Yeah Series S is the only one available here too.

Further proves it is pointless. Not even when people can't get a Series X they will go for the Series S.

I wouldn't say they are pointless, Some people do want it but the majority wants the X. Just like some people want the switch light but more want the full switch. Microsoft just miscalculated the  demand split. 

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Because launch sales for any console will never be able to beat a different console within its prime (provided said console is also successful).

Even if stock was not an issue, Switch would still be out selling them.

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If you look at this from an objective analytical analysis perspective:

Switch games released this year:

New Mario game + free port add-on content

A new installment in the acclaimed FF spin-off, Bravely Default 

Grabbed by the Goblins: Reserection 

A new installment in the acclaimed 3DS franchise, Monster Hunter Triple Cross Tekken 

And then you have Xbox:

The Medium (74 on oprahcritic)

Granted, it fairs a little better on Playstation:

Knack 2 remastered backwards compatibility update

And that's it. I think the games speak for themselves quite frankly. 

There are no PS5's or Series X to be bought and consumers don't seem to want the Series S since it's readily available everywhere. The whole industry is having issues right now, lots of converging factors have led to massive shortages and crazy price hiking on lots of products and components, such as GPUs, consoles, and even certain laptops. In addition, there are reports of slight RAM shortages and looming troubles for the manufacture and distribution of SSD drives and similar components.

TLDR; you can't sell what you don't have.

Both are still selling out as fast as they can restock them most places. The problem is that AMD, who supplies the chipsets for both PS5 and Xbox Series, is suffering from a semi-conductor shortage which is expected to persist until this summer. Nintendo is having better luck getting chipset supplies from Nvidia currently.

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Because they are new.

Systems don’t just sell 400k+ right out of the gate, a sales curve goes up for a few years, peaks, and then goes back down.

Switch is on obsolete processor node (now 16nm without 3d AFAIK), whereas PS5 and the Serieses are at 5nm.
As it was when it when it was launched at 20nm without FinFet while PS4 Pro / One X were at 16nm with FinFET (3d) .
The newer nodes is normal companies want to be for performance/watt reasons, and so is most crunched while older is not.
Switch was already on strong trajectory so Nintendo likely already made strong orders so doesn't have supply problems.
Switch definitely isn't competing for the same factory production slots as PS5/XSn.

Mnementh said:
Stellar_Fungk said:

Why is Switch selling so much, yet PS5 and Xbox Series X is selling so little?

Because Switch is at it's peak, while the other two are new. The shoe was on the other foot as the Switch released, PS4 clearly dominated Switch, now it looks like Switch will outsell PS4 lifetime.

I am amazed how many here answer with stock shortages. Realistically the Switch would still dominate if plenty of stock were available. Because no fresh released console beats a successful console at it's peak.

Yup, people who answer with stock shortages must have forgotten that no new console was ever on pace to sell 20m+ in its first full calendar year, and 20m+ is what Switch is on track to sell in 2021.

Additionally, it's even more puzzling to see people say stock shortages for Xbox. No Xbox has ever sold more than 15m in any year, so stock or not, Series X and S were never going to be able to compete with Switch sales.

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PS5 and Series X|S are selling about the same as PS4 and XB1 did when they were new systems. On top that, PS5 and X|S are still in what I like to call the "pointless sales period". All systems, including the Wii U, sell fairly well shortly after launch. PS5 and Series X|S don't even have any decent exclusives. Neither did the Wii U. It doesn't matter. There are some hardcore fans for all of these systems. They will buy a system for no other reason than they just are in love with the company. Personally, I am waiting until the end of 2021 to really start looking at the data seriously for these systems.

Switch, on the other hand, is something else entirely. It's on track to become the best selling system of all time.

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1. Supply constraints for the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X
2. High demand in general for the Switch

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