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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite Super Mario Bros. game?


What's your favorite Super Mario Bros. game?

Super Mario Bros. 51 7.14%
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels 4 0.56%
Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) 16 2.24%
Super Mario Bros. 3 197 27.59%
Super Mario World 297 41.60%
New Super Mario Bros. 42 5.88%
New Super Mario Bros. Wii 41 5.74%
New Super Mario Bros. 2 7 0.98%
New Super Mario Bros. U 42 5.88%
New Super Luigi U 17 2.38%

Kicking off a new series of polls to ask the community, lurkers and visitors what their favorite game of any given IP is.

The start is Super Mario Bros., the IP that really made Nintendo a household name. While they've had successes before, most notably Donkey Kong, it wasn't until SMB that everyone knew Nintendo. The game was such a big deal that it turned the console it was on into an even bigger success than the widely popular Atari 2600. While SMB was bundled with a lot of NES consoles in America and Europe, it's clear that it had no problem standing on its own due to its sales in Japan where it's still one of the best-selling games of all time with 6.81m copies sold.

While SMB has been incredibly important to the video game history, its quality as a game hasn't aged as well due to more refined games launching on the NES already, including its own god-tier sequel Super Mario Bros. 3.

But enough talk. What's your favorite Super Mario Bros. game?


Bonus question: What would you like to see in Switch's SMB game, assuming that Nintendo will not repeat the stupidity of going entire generations without SMB games again?

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I think it peaked at Super Mario World, with the snes.
The following "new" titles of super mario bro's hasn't been up to the same level (or maybe im just old and jaded).

New Super Mario Bros. 2 + New Super Luigi U feel especially bad imo.
Its like nintendo doesnt care to put in the effort in these games anymore.

Super Mario World is easily my favorite. The aesthetics were pleasing, the music was great. The gameplay and level design were fun. Yoshi and spin moves were decent additions. Beat the game more times than I can remember, and probably my #1 played SNES game.

RolStoppable said:

Bonus question: What would you like to see in Switch's SMB game, assuming that Nintendo will not repeat the stupidity of going entire generations without SMB games again?

Honestly just focus on doing good quality 3D mario games instead.
If they do have to do a 2D one, it needs to NOT feel like a "lazy effort" level of game.

I also dont wanna see mix/match type (hybrid 3d?) thing, like super mario 3d world.

Do one or the other, dont go half ways and stop, trying to please everyone, while only giveing them half of what they wanted.
Either full 3D type mario, with free movement ect, or a 2D platformer.

I honestly find Super Mario World to be one of the lazier efforts when it comes to level design. It is just lacking in creativety. The soundtrack is also extremely repetitive.
I like some of the New Super Mario Bros. games better. The peak of the series is definitely Super Mario Bros. 3 though, it is so packed with ideas and charm, it is pretty much perfection. It also has the right level of challenge for my taste.

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Super Mario World with SMB3 as a very close second.

New super mario bros U. It gets a lot of hate but I think it was the victim of over saturation. The core game is really quite good.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is still the best game in the series in my opinion. Mario World has the better graphics (obviously), but SMB3 has more varied levels, stellar gameplay, feels like an actual grand-scope adventure and the power-ups are amazing.

Bonus question: I definitely want the next SMB game to have better production values. The "New" series (after the first game) basically felt like B-titles Nintendo didn't really want to develop. The next game should feature more world-building, more playable characters (what about Daisy?), be of grander scope (exploring actual kingdoms instead of just generic "worlds") and modernize the gameplay. Maybe a more open-world approach would work if done correctly? Maybe adding more "adventure" elements would make the games feel fresh. I want the series to get rid of the never-ending monotony of "grass world, desert world, ice world, jungle world" theming. There is so much they could improve! I don't want a story-focused title but the player's actions should tell a story when playing a Mario game. Right now they don't because the games feel like they were made in a sterile level-editor.

There's so much potential in this series!

I'm gonna go with Super Mario World as well. That's the game I played the most. If I had to choose one for handhelds too, I'd choose Super Mario Land 2.

Super Mario Bros 3 is objectively the best game.
Though I'm more attached to Super Mario World (the 2nd best) due to nostalgia.
Super Mario Bros 2(USA) is different but definetly deserves more love.