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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will you get a Switch Pro?


Will you get a Switch Pro?

Yes, Day 1 purchase 29 50.00%
Yes, I'll probably get it 10 17.24%
On the fence 9 15.52%
I won't get it 10 17.24%

Let's say the Switch pro could upscale games to 4k, has DLSS, slightly better screen and processing power. (Sort of like an upgrade from the 3DS to New 3DS) will you purchase a Switch pro even when you own a Switch already?

For me, I would get a Switch pro. Even if the difference is barely noticeable from the regular Switch, I want the premium Switch experience since some Switch games suffer from resolution problems especially the 3rd party ports, having slightly more clarity would definitely be nice. Plus I currently have the first model of the Switch with lower battery life, so if the Switch pro has about the same battery as the new model Switch that'll definitely be an even bigger selling point for me since I do sometimes get annoyed with the old model's battery life. Plus I feel like my Switch I got in 2017 is starting to age and is prone to get more problems as it gets older so I'd like a fresh new Switch. Also, idk why but i'd like to personally have 2 Switch's in my house, Switch Pro being my main switch and the regular switch being my backup switch or a Switch i could let my friends or fam use personally. I'm also a big Nintendo fanboy so it's one of those things where I'd just get it even though the improvements are miniscule. So I'd say the Switch Pro would be a day 1 purchase for me.

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I’ll get it day one if it is 4K ready (through upscaling of all games to match your display resolution). And personally, it can’t come out soon enough.

Probably not, I think I'll get whichever console they release for next-generation instead. I already have my Switch and its time spent in play does not warrant a purchase of a Pro as it stands. I never got a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X either.

Recently sold my old Switch. Maybe I'll consider it as soon as Nintendo releaeses a good enough game. Not holding my breath.

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Nope. Don't particularly care about graphics.

Might if they offered me a full refund for my current Switch, but certainly wouldn't otherwise.

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Depends on the upgrades and whether or not the joy con drift has been fixed


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Yes if it bumps the frame rate in the DOOM games. I mean, don't mind me, I can't afford anything else besides the Switch.

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As long as the power jump seems worth it.

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If the Switch Pro is exactly what is currently being rumoured I see no reason to not buy it day 1 as long as it's a decent price!

I’ll probably get it next year if it comes out.
Hoping for 8nm Samsung Nvidia GPU and a mini-LED screen.

Interesting seeing how the poll shows so far that 90% of people willing to answer a poll on Switch Pro are also interested in buying a Switch Pro.