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Forums - Movies Discussion - Best Austin Powers movie?


What is the best Austin Powers movie?

International Man of Mystery 11 50.00%
The Spy Who Shagged Me 6 27.27%
Goldmember 5 22.73%

Yeah I’m also of the mind that the first one was the best, with sequels getting worse. Still, each is pretty great.

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Signalstar said:

They are all great and hold up really well. I give the slight edge to International Man of Mystery for setting the template.

Goldmember is great though- The "Shat on a Turtle" scene, "Smoke and a Pancake", "Please Eat Some Shit", "Hard Knock Life- Musical Number" "Austin Mini Me"- I love this movie!

I also loved the "Run-It's Godzilla!" scene, and the scenes with the janitor were el oh el.

There's so many quotable lines in these films. Some of the dialogue is just brilliant. Always felt this one was a little overlooked

Goldmember is the best, followed by International Man of Mystery, then The Spy Who Shagged Me. I just think Goldmember has the best jokes, and is the most consistently funny. There aren't really any scenes that don't make me laugh. I especially love the fight between Austin and Mini Me, and the whole character of Goldmember. Like a couple of other people have said, I don't care for the second movie as much as the other two. I sort of find it boring at both the beginning and end, and I also feel that Dr. Evil (my favorite character) is the least funny in the second film. I still enjoy all three of them, and watch them every now and then.

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The first one was great. They got progressively dumber the more popular they got.

I’d rank them 1, 3, 2

2 gets last because it is basically the same movie as the first one, so much reused material

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Any of the three, you can't go wrong.

Funny how people are coming up with vastly different quality positions with each of these when they're objectively not really much different. The plots are very similar, jokes are very similar, the second and the third one contain running gags started in the first, but build on them.

My take: The first is most original, but the second and third build on it. It's kind of like the three Naked Gun films. I wouldn't put any of them over the other, except the first one needs a bit of a remaster: the second and third ones look like films today, but the first one looks old, despite being made only 2 years earlier than the second, and 4 years before the third - and not having any perceivably lower budget, just a lower quality camera or film.

But regardless of the film you like best, this is one of my favourite bits of all time:

But I think the moment that I recall laughing the hardest when I first saw the films in cinema was this:

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First one by far. Sequels were too over the top and became full of in jokes and too self aware. Attempts at humor just rang as desperate and goofy.


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It's one of the first two.  It's been a long time since I've seen any of them, but I remember loving the first two.  Goldmember wasn't nearly as funny.