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Forums - PC Discussion - is it normal for a laptop to have a 5 year lifespan?

Chicho said:

I will go with Yuri hear sounds like the airflow is blocked with dust or or watever. Take it apart and clean it, likely cleaning 5 years worth of dust is all it needs.

I'm with these guys. A laptop vacuum/air blower is a worthy investment for so long as you plan to ever own PC or laptop hardware; good for several of your consoles as well.

I've been using the same laptop since late 2012, and outside of an HDD that's slower than molasses, it's still going fine and suiting my daily needs (I don't game on it at all). Every few weeks, I pull out the vac and clean the dust buildup. This massively improves its performance and ability to handle temperature, especially in the warmer part of the year.

Definitely start there, because it's the cheapest and simplest step toward improvement, and like I said, it's something that you should always be doing as long as you use hardware. If getting a dedicated computer vac isn't on the cards right now, then you can get canned air much cheaper.

I'd also follow Player2's advice about using an application that monitors CPU temperature. I personally use CoreTemp, and have it set to warn me when it reaches a certain threshold, and put the laptop to sleep if I don't opt out after half a minute. This can save your hardware. And if the laptop doesn't have a 1080p screen, adjust your video settings on sites so that you're not needlessly working your hardware to display higher resolutions.

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Steps for laptops:

1. Open case and clean fans
2. Repaste CPU/GPU, this can be difficult dep. on the model
3. Add SSD and at least 8GB RAM, preferably dual channel
4. Debloat Windows: deactivate all unnecessary startups in taskmanager->autostart and msconfig.exe under "services". Also deactivate Win10 background apps:

Quality of the laptop itself, your use of it, fan conditions etc, all play a factor. A 5-year lifespan seems pretty normal, especially if it's not high-end or has had heavy use.

I've had my current laptop for over 3 and a half years. It will be four years in May. I've used it heavily, and I'll probably replace it this year or next year.

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I've been using mine for a hard 7 years now and it still running decently though like people said maintenance can go a long way to help you with heating problems which lower CPU performances.

Still, I'll need to replace my laptop in a year or so since I had problem with my screen and I dread the moment I'll have to open it's carcass to see the accumulation of dust in it lol.

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Thanks everyone for the advice!

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