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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox Achievement League 2021 - June update is here

Hello Everyone, the Gamerscore league is back! errr now called Achievement League. This change in title was made to reflect some changes, GS will still be a big factor but to celebrate all types of hunters we have some new ways to earn points. Hopefully this thread will motivate you to accomplish some of your gamer goals this year in 2021. So not only will you earn points for raw Gamerscore, you will also be able to net some points for Rare Achievements, completions, and Game Races/Platinums are back with a lil twist. So let's go over some of the rules and changes for this upcoming season and then we can right into the fun! (and let's ignore my typo in the banner and pretend it's a stylistic choice)

VGC Requirements to join: 100 posts

Xbox Requirements: Must have at least 2,000GS

How to join: Must have a TrueAchievements account.

Send a friend request to Xbox Cheevos and Request to join the League

You can join late into the season but you won't be added in the previous months thus missing some points. Everyone has till the end of February to be added to the January standings, yup you have a whole month to be able to join and be added into every month. January results will be posted in the begging of March, February's in the middle of March, and everything else after will be as normal. Feel free to use this thread as a means to talk about achievements and such as well as goals and the league.


There are 4 methods on earning points, 2 mainly focusing on GS and 2 focused on TA ratios


This one is a rather straightforward and classic way to earn points

The top 8 will earn points in order of the chart as well as anyone that earns any GS out the top 8 will net 1 point

Position Points
1 30
2 25
3 22
4 20
5 18
6 15
7 12
8 10
9 8
10 5


The top 8 most rare achievements (by TA ratio) will be awarded points. The same user can nab multiple spots. TA ratios will be subjected to the time the chart is updated. The Game in which the achievements are from need a sample size of at least 1,000 players on TrueAchievements.

Position Points
1 18
2 15
3 13
4 10
5 8
6 6
7 5
8 4


Most MS published and big 3rd party releases will be eligible for platinum status. Also I'm open to hear what the community wants to be added to the platinum list. To earn points simply hold at least 750G in the game, this will net you 5 points and earn you Gold status, achieve the full 1,000GS and earn Platinum status which is worth 10 points. There's no limit to how many people can earn Gold or Platinum, but only one person will be able to transcend space and time and achievement the ultimate 15 points by being the first person to hit 1,000GS in a game. This is by a first come first earn basis, people added later on months to the league and have a faster time than someone previously that earned 15 points will not be honored. A full list of Platinum eligible games and the current holders of Gold and Platinum can be found here

Game Collections and Episodic Games

Same rules apply, you will get Gold (5 pts) if you reach at least 75% of the total game's GS. Platinum (10 pts) if you get all GS, and FTP (first to Plat) worth 15 pts. All episodes combined will count as a single game.

Example: Tell Me Why has 1,500GS

in order to get the Gold you need 1,125GS, and 1,500GS for the Plat


Here at Xbox university we stan a good completed achievement list, we might not get a fancy platinum trophy like on other platforms but we can rest easy knowing Phil is smiling down upon us. Most importantly though we can earn some juicy scrumptious points in this achievement league, what is better than that? We also recognized not all achievements are equal, and yes 5 minutes 1k GS games are fun and all, but we gotta recognize the gamers that put blood, sweat, and tears into their craft. So get ready for another chart of goodness. Game completions will be awarded points based on TA ratios, how fun!

TA Ratio Points
Under 1.2 0
1.2-1.99 1
2.0-2.99 2
3.0-3.9 3
4.0-4.9 4
5.0-5.9 5
6.0-6.9 6
7.0-7.9 7
8.0-8.9 8
9.0-9.9 9
10 and up 10

Much like achievements we need a sample size of at least 1,000 players to keep things fair, unlike achievements though we will honor you completion if said game hits 1,000 players during the season and the TA ratio will be added and based on the month in which that is achieved. DLC and Title completions are also rewarded with the same guidelines.

VGC NAME Gamertag
Acevil Acevil
Angelus Arch Adonias
Axumblade Axumblade
Barozi Gerbasgamer
derpysquirtle64 DRPSquirtle64
DroidKnight xxDROIDKNIGHTxx
Dulfite Dulfite-9606
hollabackenny hollabackenny
ironmanDX ironDX
Kenjab LockedArrow1311
KiigelHeart KiigelHeart
Libara Libara
LudicrousSpeed Cpt RonCod
Mike321 AlphaMike321-537
NobleTeam360 Paine
Ryuu96 XiRyuuXi
shikamaru317 Unbound17
Spade SliferCynDelta
Versus Evil Versus Evil
Welfare Welfare Queen I
WoodenPints Obscure Ale
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May's YTD

Place User|GT Points
1 Angelus | Arch Adonias 310
2 Spade | SliferCynDelta 269
3 Versus Evil | Versus Evil  264
4 Barozi | Gerbasgamer 255
5 ice | PHO3N1X DOWN 156
6 KiigelHeart | KiigelHeart 128
7 Libara | Libara 116
8 WoodenPints | Obscure Ale 99
9 Mike321 | AlphaMike321 73
10 NobleTeam360 | Paine 63
11 Kenjab | LockedArrow1311 51
12 Shikamaru317 | Unbound17 47
13 LudicrousSpeed | Cpt RonCod 44
14 DroidKnight | xxDROIDKNIGHTxx 18
15 DerpySquirtle64 | DRPSquirtle64 15
16 Axumblade | Axumblade 9
17 Ryuu96 | XiRyuuXi 9
18 Acevil | Acevil 4
19 Dulfite | Dulfite 4
20 ironmanDX | ironDX 2
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