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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I have no idea what to play next on Switch.

Thanks for the replies! I'll watch the trailers of some of your suggestions!

I might check out Trine 4, Darksiders and Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair.

Forgot about Hellblade being on Switch.
I'm not fond of horror games. Does Hellblade fall under that category?
I mean, I really don't like games with jump scares and stuff like that.

Same question for the Bioshok collection?

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Axiom Verge is missing on your list. Part 2 should come out this year.

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Is Fe Fire Emblem? Because if not I recommend that. I'm currently playing it and really enjoying it.

Octopath, It’s incredible and swaps with Xenoblade2 as my favourite modern RPG depending on the day. Fire Emblem is Also incredible if you have the patience for the genre, highly recommend. If you can get it cheapish, Starlink is a bit of a hidden gem and a surprisingly good time.

Alien Isolation
The metro games
Call of Juarez
Immortals fenyx rising
A short hike
Burnout paradise
Golf story

Tons of great content on the switch

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If you're into rhythm games I'd highly recommend Thumper, it's amazing.

Mario versus Rabbids is excellent, highly overlooked.

Crash Team Racing
Immortal Fenyx Rising
Okami HD
Dragon Quest XI

Dude you have barely scratched the surface. Tons of gems on the Switch. Sky Racket, Cloudpunk, Fracter, Iconoclasts, Alwa's Awakening, Giana Sisters, Incredible Mandy, Lonely Mountains Downhill, Lumini, Momodora, tons.

Here's some recommendations :

- Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

- Octopath Traveler (if you like old-school FF)

- Enter the Gungeon

- Raging Loop (If there's at least one really interesting Visual Novel I'll recommend, it's this one)

- AI : The Somnium Files

- Mario vs Rabbids

- Dragon Quest XI S

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